What is the Best Handgun Safe

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What is the best handgun safe
Securing your firearms is commendable.

What is the best handgun safe?

You are to be commended for realizing the danger of keeping a loaded handgun in the house unprotected.  It is important to ask the question, what is the best handgun safe?

A handgun safe will provide protection for your children, your spouse, and even yourself from your handguns. A handgun safe will also provide protection from theft of your handgun or handguns.

And the right handgun safe will also provide you quick access to your protected handgun should you need it in a crisis situation, or any situation for that matter.

My name is Tom. I have been in the safe business for going on 20 years. I know what makes a great handgun safe, and what doesn’t.

I will explain the dangers of not having a handgun safe to secure your handguns, pistols, or sidearms.

I will also explain to you what makes a great handgun safe, and why. I will also tell you the what is the best handgun safe I recommend, and the best place online to buy it, should you be so inclined.

Why You Must Secure Your Handguns

What is the best handgun safe
Children playing with loaded handguns can end in tragedy.

On average, 10% of households that own guns that have children younger than 18 years old, keep a loaded and unlocked firearm.

Sadly, every day in the United States alone, 8 children are shot by unsecured firearms in the home.

Ironically, most people keep their loaded guns in a drawer or unlocked closet for easy and quick access in order to protect their children and spouses, yet it can cause tragic consequences.

Had these folks just taken the next step to simply secure their firearms in a gun cabinet or a gun safe, these accidents could have been avoided.

In addition, many burglaries, and other home invasions result in unsecured handguns, and other firearms being stolen.

After all, we don’t want our lethal firearms to go from legal gun owners hands to illegal, criminal gun owners hands.

Not to mention the added expense and hassle you will face of having to buy more guns to replace those that were stolen.

A good handgun safe will provide you safety, security, and quick access in your home, your car, your boat, and your RV.

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What Makes a Great Handgun Safe

What is the best handgun safe
A great handgun safe has 3 important features.

There are 3 components to a great handgun safe.

1. Quick Access  Your ability to access your handgun quickly in a crisis situation is vitally important. If someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night while you and your family are in bed, you must be able to get to your firearm quickly.

It is also very important that you don’t bring attention to yourself by using lights or making noise by stumbling around or jangling keys trying to get into your safe or lock box.

You want your handgun access to be within arms length on the floor or in a drawer or nightstand. This will allow you to gain entry to your handgun safe within seconds, and in a quiet and covert manner.

2. Dependable Access Because you never know when you might need your gun quickly, you must be able to depend on your ability to get to your handguns quickly without fail every time.

The biometric, and fingerprint locks which allow you to open your handgun safe by simply inserting your finger or hand are great for quick access. These locks also eliminate any chance for others to get into your safe through conventional means.

These biometric/fingerprint locks do have some negative features however. The fact that they are electronic, and need a power source to operate means that it is possible for these locks to fail at that critical moment when you need it to work most.

Even with an A/C power source, and a battery back up, it is still possible for it to fail during crunch time, if you will allow me a sports terminology.

Although unusual, the complex biometrics can also fail which also detracts for the locks overall dependability.

If you work with your hands, and cut or scrape your fingers, your biometric lock may not recognize your fingerprints, and can, and often do fail, as a result.

Some biometric locks may also include buttons to press prior to allowing access. These locks can make beeping noises, and draw attention to yourself, which you would not want in the middle of the night in a silent house that has an unwanted visitor creeping about.

Due to these shortcomings, I can not recommend a biometric lock as the best lock for a great handgun safe. The best, most dependable lock is a good simplex pushbutton mechanical lock.

You can depend on this lock to work for you without fail when you need it most. It’s simple mechanical push button design has fewer parts to go bad, and needs no power source at all to operate.

No worries about changing a battery or plugging in an A/C power source like with the biometric lock.

You may lose a few seconds in access time compared with the biometric lock, but the simplex pushbutton lock’s dependability trumps that of it’s competitors.

3. Secure Construction  You want a solid steel gun box with at least one bolt hole for secure bolt down to a floor or to the inside of a nightstand, or a cabinet.

These pre drilled bolt holes will also allow you to secure your handgun safe inside of a larger gun safe, if you so choose. You also want your handgun safe to be very difficult to be pryed or hammered open.

A well made, sturdy steel, pry resistant, bolted down handgun safe will keep your handguns in place, away from unwanted visitors, and give you many years of dependable service.

This will greatly decrease the chances of your safe, and handguns from being opened and accessed by others

Best Handgun Safe

The one handgun safe that checks all the boxes, and in my opinion is the very best handgun safe on the market is:

What is the Best Handgun Safe
The Fort Knox PB-1 Handgun Safe checks all the boxes.

Fort Knox PB-1 Original Pistol Safe (FTK-PB)

This sturdy handgun safe has:

  • 10 gauge steel body
  • 3/16″ steel wraparound, pry resistant door
  • 4 pre-drilled bolt holes in bottom of safe for anchoring
  • Simplex push button lock for quick access and dependability
  • Inner hydraulic arms ensure smooth opening and closing
  • No electronics to support or cause failures
  • Large interior capacity with 2 layers of foam for ample storage
  • Lifetime Fort Knox warranty


  • 4 1/4″H x 12 1/2″W x 10 3/8″D
  • 22 lbs.

Check out the video on the Fort Knox PB-1 below.

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Best Place to Buy the Best Handgun Safe

The best place to buy the best handgun safe, the Fort Knox PB-1 Handgun Safe is gunsafes.com

Gunsafes.com offer low prices, free shipping, order tracking, online or phone orders, 100% secure website, 30 day return policy,  no sales tax except in Idaho, and Florida.

They are an English speaking American company, great customer service, wide selection of gun safes and accessories, sporting goods, and related items. A real person will answer the phone during business hours if and when you call.

Click here for more info on the Ft. Knox PB-1


You are to be commended for your decision to protect your handguns, and in so doing, protect your family.

10% of households that own guns that have children under the age of 18, keep a loaded and unlocked firearm in the home.

Every day in the U.S.A, 8 children are shot by an unsecured firearm in the home.

These potentially tragic events can be avoided by utilizing a gun cabinet, or a gun safe. What is the best handgun safe?

A good handgun safe will allow you quick, dependable access, be constructed of heavy duty steel and provide pry resistance.

The best lock for your handgun safe is a Simplex push button lock which allows for quick, and very dependable access.

You also want your handgun safe to be pre drilled to allow for anchoring to a floor or other surface.

So, what is the best handgun safe? The best handgun safe that checks all the boxes is the Fort Know PB-1.  The Fort Knox PB-1 has a solid steel body, and door, and is designed to be pry resistant.

The door is controlled by a Simplex push button lock for quick, dependable access.  The bottom has 4 pre drilled anchor holes for ease of bolt down. It also has a large interior, and a lifetime warranty.

The best place to buy the best handgun safe, the Fort Knox PB-1 is at gunsafes.com

Gunsafes.com offers low prices, free shipping, and a wide selection of handgun safes, and accessories.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or tips below.  Feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading what is the best handgun safe. Tom




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  1. I am afraid of the gun at all even to protect myself, so happy I stumbled on your website that at least made me understand how important is to have a gun at home. Nowadays so many kids
    are killing themselves accidentally by finding the gun at home in an unsafe place. I might buy one in the future and make sure I have the Handgun Safe like this, I like that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a great way to secure handguns in a home . Because while handguns are essential for our security, they can still harm the people we love. Great article.

  3. Love this because I was literally just looking into getting my gun license and was wondering what is a great safe. The reader will know exactly what to do so I will def come back here! Thanks so much

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