What is in Home Security

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What is in Home Security

What is in Home Security
Few things are more important than protecting yourself, and family.

What is in Home Security are ways to protect yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and your property.

Setting up a safe, secure home will also provide a sense of accomplishment, and peace of mind.   There are various ways to achieve this end.

Some ways are simple, and inexpensive. Others are quite complex, and can be somewhat pricey.  And, other ways are controversial, and present an element of risk.

I will present the different ways to bring about a secure home. I will also discuss the advantages, and disadvantages, if any, of these various home security methods.

Simple Yet Effective

A large group of convicts that had received time for breaking and entering, and other crimes related to home break ins were polled.

These people were asked what the most effective deterrent was regarding breaking into a home.  Almost all of these felons said that if they knew there was a dog inside the home, they would look for another house to rob.

Dogs are territorial, and fiercely loyal.  And even if your dog is small and doesn’t have a deep, mean bark, it could still be the difference between a home invasion, and a peaceful night’s rest.

It is in a dog’s nature to be protective of his pack, of which he perceives his or her human family.  Dog’s have a far superior sense of smell, hearing, and sight than do humans.

What is in Home Security
Even a small dog can provide some protection against home invasion.

Dogs also have a sixth sense that tells them when a threat is near. All of these attributes combine to provide a live-in home security system.

Dogs are certainly not cheap in most cases, to buy and to provide for.  However, they are usually not prohibitively expensive either.

What they can bring to a homeowner and his family however, can be immeasurable in terms of loyalty, and protection.

Other simple deterrent methods include high fencing and gates, and sturdy doors, and locks.  Gated communities that limit access to outsiders provide another strong layer of security.

Controversial, Risky, and Effective

The second method of home protection is the source of much current controversy.  It also presents certain risks, yet can be profoundly effective to the point of life and death.

I am speaking of firearms.  Having a gun in the home in case of a home invasion can literally mean the difference between living and dying for it’s inhabitants.

It has been a proven effective defense against home burglaries for centuries, and continues to provide profound home safety and protection to this day.

When a home is broken into, the first thing a homeowner does is call someone with a gun to help them.  If there is not a readily available gun in the house, unfortunately, it may be too late by the time the police arrive.

What is in Home Security
A handgun safe can keep guns away from kids, and allow for quick access in a crisis situation.

Guns do present a real danger to children, and other inhabitants of the household if they are not secured properly.  As many as 9 children are killed accidentally everyday by firearms in the home that were not safely stored.

It is a good idea to keep guns in a safe or a locked cabinet or locked drawer.  The downside to this idea is that in a crisis situation, it is imperative that you are able to get to your loaded gun very quickly.

In the middle of the night, it may be difficult to find the key or remember a combination to a safe to access your gun.  You also don’t want to make noise, or turn on lights if you believe you have a burglar in your home.

The solution to this issue is to have a handgun safe with a biometric lock, or with a simplex lock.  A biometric lock recognizes your fingerprints when you insert your finger or hand into the slot at the top of the safe.  Your safe will open instantly and give you the ability to grab your gun.

A simplex lock has a manual push button combination which can be easily and quickly accomplished to allow immediate access to your loaded handgun.

These handgun safes will keep the curious, prying hands of children safely away from your guns, and also allow the critical quick, quiet access to them that is needed in a crisis situation.

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Home Security Systems

There are many different home security systems that are designed to protect your home and family.   These may involve cameras, lights, alarms, monitoring, apps, movement detection, and others.

Some systems encompass all of these features, while others have a one or more.   It is now also possible to monitor your home activity while being away from home with the use of apps on your mobile phone.

A typical home security system will have the ability to activate it with the use of a wall mounted key pad.   These will have doors, and windows to the home wired to generate an alarm if movement is detected while the system is activated.

What is in Home Security
Some monitored home security systems will notify police for you.

This alarm may also initiate an alert to a monitoring service. This monitoring service will then contact the homeowner via phone or text to determine if there is a break in.

The monitoring service may then contact local police to go to the home, if it is warranted.

Some home security systems don’t have the monitoring feature, and these systems only provide an alarm to alert the homeowner of a possible break in.

It is then, of course, up to the homeowner to decide the best course of action to thwart the threat.  This may include a call to police, and/or utilizing a weapon to defend him or herself.

Home security may also involve lights that are activated by motion detection.  In addition video cameras can be utilized to allow for closed circuit surveillance of a particular area.

A recent development in home security systems includes the use of a video doorbell.  These allow the homeowner to see who is at the door from either inside the home or in a remote location with the use of a mobile phone app.

Depending on the video doorbell model, they may also be able to communicate with the person that is outside of the home.

The homeowner can then decide to alert any inhabitants of the home, or even contact the local police if needed.

You may also see a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance charges by having a home security system.  Check your homeowner’s insurance policy or call your insurance company to find out.

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Your Best Bet

In today’s world, the possibility of a home invasion or break-in is very real no matter where you may live.  The statistics show that home burglaries happen more often per capita in rural areas than in heavily populated areas.

Most of these break-ins happen during daylight hours between the hours of noon to 4 p.m.   Only about 17% happen overnight, midnight to 6 a.m.

The summer months between June and August see the largest amount of home invasions.  Most burglars are not looking for large, heavy items.

Rather, they prefer jewelry, and cash, and go directly to the master bedroom to find it.  Almost 4,000 burglaries occur every day in the U.S.A.

Your best bet to defend yourself against this very real threat or possibility is to utilize all of the previously mentioned methods.

If this is not possible for you, or if you prefer to not take advantage of all three, I hope you will at least use one or two protection forms, some combination of the three to effect a safeguard for yourself, family, and property.

It is also a good idea to advertise that you have a dog, and/or a gun, and/ or a security system.  Even if you don’t have such as these, it is still a good idea to make would-be burglars think you do.

You can use yard signs, stickers, or other strategically placed warnings.  Dummy cameras are also an effective, and inexpensive way to to fool thieves into believing you have a home protection system.

Thank you for reading, What is in Home Security. Feel free to share on social media using the buttons below.  Please also feel free to leave your questions, comments, and suggestions below.  Good luck with your home protection efforts.


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  1. Hi Tom – thanks for the informative article on home security. It is very interesting to read that most home invaders will avoid a home if they know there is a dog present. Having a dog provides many benefits, this one included! Given the controversy with firearms, it can be difficult to obtain in many states, but easy for others. We always liked the combination approach. It provides the most security and peace of mind.

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your comments. Glad you found the article informative. Yes, a dog does indeed provide many benefits. Good luck, Tom

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