What is in Hardware

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What is in Hardware

What is in Hardware
Hardware stores provide an enormous inventory of parts, tools, supplies, and equipment.

What is in hardware is cabinet and furniture hardware, chain and rope, door knobs and locks, garage door openers, keys and accessories, mail boxes and posts, nails and staples, and much, much more.

Virtually everything in the home that needs to be fixed or repaired, you will find the parts and tools you need in a good hardware store.

Some of the larger national chain hardware stores like Ace Hardware, and True Value Hardware, in addition to an enormous inventory of hardware and related items,  are also now considered home centers.

These stores will have departments like Plumbing, Lawn and Garden, Tools, Building Supplies, Home and Decor, Storage and Organization, Heating and Cooling, Automotive, RV, and Marine, and much more.

Almost any home project, big or small, can be accomplished with the supplies and direction from a large hardware store.

Whether it be for plumbing, lighting, electrical, painting, or heating and cooling, you can find what you need at your hardware store.

I will tell you about the most popular products in hardware stores and home centers, the advantages of larger hardware chains over small stores, and what departments and product categories are available today.

Most Popular Products

Ever wonder what are the most popular, best selling products in a hardware store or home center?

Top Ten Products

Video Doorbells  Now you can see who is at the front of your house when you are home, and away.  These ingenious devices come both wired, and wireless.  Provides extra security for your family, and home.

Log Splitter  These super handy devices will take the strain off your back when you split logs.  These come in manual models, and hydraulic models for heavy duty demands.

What is in Hardware
DeWalt Impact Drivers Battery Powered – Click on picture to buy

Impact Driver  These powerful tools make screwing bolts, and screws into wood, and other surfaces a breeze.  This saves you time, and wear and tear on your hands, wrists, and arms.

Wood Fired Grill  This super popular grill uses wood pellets as fuel.  These wood pellets come in different types of wood like hickory, ash, alder, cherry and more.  These pellets provide a smoke flavor to your grilled meats.

Experience the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

Electric Hedge Trimmer  These rechargeable, electric hedge trimmers have become more powerful to handle your toughest hedges.  With no electric cord to get in your way, these jobs are now a lot easier.

Electric Weed Eater  Another super handy, portable, electric tool.  These more beefy rechargeable weed eaters allow for easier trimming of driveways, sidewalks, along fences, and other hard to reach areas.

Multi Tool  18 different tools that can be opened with one hand.  Collapses into a small metallic handle that can easily fit in your pocket.  Pliers, bottle opener, knife, scissors, saw, Allen wrench, and more.

Motion Sensing Light  These battery powered LED motion sensing lights provide additional security in and around your home.  Spotlights, area lights, and stair lights help keep you safe.

Snow Blower  Push button start, battery powered snow blower has no cord to get in your way.  A wide opening, and good power let’s you handle even deep snow.

Turkey Fryer  Fries and boils many foods.  Can handle up to a 20 pound turkey.  Has an electric timer with automatic shut off. Also comes with a lid, lifting hook, and oil thermometer.

Advantages of Large Hardware Stores

Although it can be nice to have a neighborhood hardware store to pick up small wares that you may need for some weekend home repairs, there are definite advantages to shopping the larger hardware chains.

Although I am a little sad that the older neighborhood hardware store is slowly fading into the sunset, the times they are a changing.

Some of the advantages of the larger hardware chains are, the ability to shop online and have your items delivered to your door.

Also, you have the option of shopping online, and picking up your products at the store.  Of course, the selection is normally far greater with the big guys than the little guys.

In addition, the larger hardware chains usually have lower prices than the smaller stores due to their superior buying power. With hundreds of stores in their chains, there are usually locations close by, or reasonably close by.

What is in Hardware

For instance, Ace Hardware has 5200 stores around the world. Their largest concentration is in the United States, and Canada.

Another big hardware store chain, True Value has 4,600 stores. Based in Chicago, Illinois, their primary markets are the United States, and Canada.

What is in Hardware

Departments within Hardware Chain Stores

You may be surprised at the number of departments, and the vast selection of items available today at your hardware store.

Plumbing   The Plumbing department encompasses most every product related to the plumbing that is outside, and in your home.

This means new plumbing products such as water heaters, garbage disposals, toilets, and faucets.  It also mean repair, and replacement parts for an array of manufacturers, as well as generic plumbing parts.

In addition, you will find many different tools that are designed for the various plumbing applications.

Tools  Hardware stores have always been the go-to place for tools for almost any job you can think of.  You will find tools that make your job, big or small, much easier.

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They are on the leading edge of the latest innovations in tools such as with battery operated yard tools, drills, welding and soldering tools, air compressors, hand tools, wet dry vacs, and much more.

Lawn and Garden  Another area of expertise of hardware stores is the lawn and garden segment.  In this area you will find an extensive selection of lawn equipment such as lawn mowers, edgers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, and a lot more.

Also in this department, you will find landscaping and garden tools and supplies, farm and ranch supplies, watering and irrigation supplies and parts, and much more.

Lighting and Electrical  Under the umbrella of lighting and electrical you will find video doorbells, timers and lighting controls, flashlights and lanterns, and ceiling fans and parts.

If that weren’t enough, there is also work and shop lights, circuit breakers fuses and panels, extension cords and power strips, and the list goes on.

What is in Hardware

Heating and Cooling  This important department has thermostats and heating supplies, air quality, heaters, air conditioners and coolers, and exhaust fans, and wood and pellet stoves.

No matter the time of the year, you will find what you need to keep your home comfortable, and more with products, supplies, tools, and parts related to heating and cooling.

Outdoor Living  Much more emphasis is being put on our outdoor spaces than ever before so that it can be enjoyed for most, if not all of the year.  We are adding decks, and patios both covered and uncovered.

More and more people are also adding outdoor kitchens. In addition, you see fire pits, outdoor heaters, and bigger and better grills, outdoor smokers, and barbeque set ups.

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Outdoor furniture is becoming more specialized, and more durable. Also, outdoor lighting is making the yard safer, and more enjoyable.

Storage and Organization  Having adequate storage around the home, and being able to find what you need when you need it are important considerations for a happy home.

This department features closet organization, bed and bath, tool storage and organizers, outdoor storage, shelving and shelving units, travel and luggage, hand trucks and carts, and much more.

Other departments include Automotive, RV, and Marine, Building Supplies, Hardware, Home and Decor, and Paint and Supplies.

What is in Hardware – Conclusion

What is in hardware is cabinet and furniture hardware, chain and rope, door knobs and locks, garage door openers, keys and accessories, mail boxes and posts, nails and staples, and much, much more.

Almost any home project, big or small, can be accomplished with the supplies and direction from a large hardware store like Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware.

Among the most popular, and best selling products in large hardware stores today are video doorbells, log splitters, impact drivers, wood fired grills, electric hedge trimmers, electric weed eaters, multi tools, motion sensing lights, snow blowers, and turkey fryers.

Hardware departments consist of plumbing, tools, lawn and garden, heating and cooling, lighting and electrical, outdoor living, storage and organization, automotive, rv, and marine, building supplies, hardware, home and decor, and paint and supplies.

Click here to see what is in Ace Hardware

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, and suggestions below. I will respond to you directly.  Please also feel free to share on social media by using the buttons below. Thank you for reading, What is in Hardware. Good luck with your home projects.

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4 thoughts on “What is in Hardware”

  1. When I was younger, you went to a hardware store for plumbing fittings, screws and nails. Today the selection is very wide as you have stated.
    Purchasing online is a great way to find the items that you need without traveling to a store spending much of your valuable time trying to find your items in such large stores.
    Because some people need items to fix or repair an item right away, do you think these types of stores will last through the new online purchasing boom?

    1. Hi John, thank you for your comments, and question. If you are asking if the old neighborhood hardware store will last through the online purchasing boom, I would have to say that it is not likely unless they can adapt to it. If they have an online presence, and can compete with the bigger chains on price, which is a big if, they will have a chance to survive. Tom

  2. Very informative post. I remember going to ACE when I was a kid but it has been a while since I have been to a hardware store. Your post reminds me of the good things they have.

    Thanks for sharing.

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