How to Buy Gold and Silver Online

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how to buy gold and silver online
Now is the time to buy gold and silver.

Learning how to buy gold and silver online can prove enormously beneficial to you. There are many reasons for buying gold and silver. I will go over why gold, and silver are sound investments.

I will also cover what to look for when buying precious metals online to ensure you are getting the best prices, and to also ensure that you are dealing with legitimate, trustworthy companies.

I will also list and recommend some very reputable online companies that have a proven track record in providing gold and silver bullion, as well as gold and silver coins.

I will also provide information as to whether you should take delivery of your precious metals, or if it’s better to allow them to be stored for you. How to buy gold and silver online is critical to ensuring a great investment.

The Case for Gold and Silver

How to buy gold and silver online
Gold and silver coins have stood the test of time.

There are many reasons why buying, and holding gold and silver is a very smart financial, and investment move.

Buying precious metals is a hedge against inflation.  The US central bankers, and others of the world are price fixers. They print money to control the price of the dollar, and interest rates.

When they print money based on nothing, basicaly out of thin air, and increase the supply of money, it devalues money. Many economists are predicting an imminent collapse of the US Dollar, which could take with it the rest of the world’s currencies.

The more inflation that is created, the more important it is to own gold and silver. These precious metals will always have value, and will become even more valuable during an inflationary economic condition.

The price of gold and silver is not correlated to the price of stocks and bonds.  In a stock market crash situation, and it’s likely resulting economic depression, the value of money, and stocks will greatly decrease.

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The people holding precious metals will rise above the turmoil, as gold and silver always have, and always will.

If the price of stocks and bonds go up, gold and silver give you an insurance policy despite not being worth as much as the rising stocks and bonds in this current market scenario.

If the price of stocks and bonds go down, your gold and silver will maintain it’s value, and will cover you if all else fails. Either scenario, you will be glad you own it.

Gold and Silver are real money. They provide purchasing protection. The world’s currencies are simply paper that is backed by nothing, and is merely a promise to pay. Once these currencies lose value, and based on history, they will. there will be a rush to own gold and silver.

Gold and silver is very liquid.  This means they can be utilized almost immediately for any product or service that you may need or want.

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how to buy gold and silver online
Gold and silver is your safe haven against even unlikely catastrophic events.

Gold and silver have been around as a medium of exchange for thousands of years, and have inherent value.

In other words, they have their own value, compared to paper money which has none, in and of itself.

Gold and Silver are safe havens to protect against catastrophy. Since all of the world’s currency or money supply are fiat currencies.  Fiat currencies are national currencies that are backed by nothing of value. Fiat currencies have always failed historically.

There have been no exceptions. Every single country that has ever adopted this non backed method of exchange has had it fail eventually.  The average life span of a fiat currency is 27 years.

Only currencies that are backed by gold or silver, or use gold and silver as a medium of exchange have thrived during times of both in good economic times and bad.

If this scenario happens, or I should say when this scenario happens when the fiat system fails, the central bankers will look back to see what worked before.

They will see that gold and silver, and gold and silver backed currencies worked well, and will gravitate back to a system based on these precious metals. Those that are holding these precious metals will benefit greatly.

Owning gold and silver will allow you to sleep better at night. Due to the fact that owning precious metals protects you and your loved ones from virtually any negative economic condition, you will be less stressed, and this will allow you to sleep better at night.

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This may be the best reason to learn how to buy gold and silver online.  What price can you put on your peace of mind, and good health?

Buying Gold and Silver Online

how to buy gold and silver online
Buying gold and silver online is easy and convenient.

We know that owning gold and silver is a sound investment idea. And we know and like that many things can be purchased online from the comfort of our homes or offices.

We also like the convenience that our online purchases can be brought right to our door without our having to leave the comfort of our homes or offices, should we so choose.

When buying gold and silver online, it is important that we buy from a reputable company or dealer that can be trusted. We want to know that our purchases are very high quality, precisely what we order without any variances or substitutions, and are fulfilled, and shipped within a reasonable amount of time.

But how do I know that the online dealer that I want to buy from is reputable, and trustworthy, I can hear you asking?

The best rule of thumb to ensure that you will get exactly what you pay for, and within a reasonable amount of time is to stay away from the small time, lesser known, or unknown dealers. Only buy from the big, well known, established gold and silver dealers.

The larger online dealers pay a lot of money on their websites, and their website security. They also spend a good deal of money on insurance to protect themselves, and their customers against any unforeseen circumstance.

Many of these smaller dealers are not spending a lot of money on their businesses, and may not have good protection for your personal information. This lack of spending and protection enables them to offer lower prices to you.

You may have to pay a small amount more with the big guys compared with the smaller upstarts, but knowing that your purchase is protected, will be exactly what you ordered, and will get to you in a timely fashion is a small price to pay.

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This is not to say that all smaller companies are not trustworthy. Many younger, smaller sites/companies are fine, reputable dealers. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. But, when considering smaller dealers, caveat emptor, buyer beware.

Your best defense against a bad online experience is to always be sure that your online gold and silver dealer has an A+ Better Business Bureau, BBB rating.


Where to Buy Gold and Silver Online

how to buy gold and silver online
Gold coins may also have numismatic value.


Golden Eagle Coins

Pros – Great selection of coins, and bullion. Low prices. Quick, accurate delivery. Responsive customer service. Established online business. In business since 1974.  A+ BBB rating.  Can also shop by phone – 800 #.  Require signatures for delivery. Free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Cons – Packaging on rare occasion could be a bit better.


Pros – Great selection. Get new product quickly. Accept Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Bank Wire, Money Orders. Ship to 50 different countries. Have Ebay store which is good for small orders, and getting delivery quickly.  Good reputation. A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Not the cheapest place to buy. Can take several weeks to receive order. Charges sales tax in Oklahoma, and New York.


Provident Metals

Pros – Good prices on product, and shipping. Good selection. Accept Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Bank Wire, Money Orders. Low shipping costs make smaller buys more cost effective.

Free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders also can be placed by phone.  A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Charge sales tax in Texas. Not international. Sell to U.S. and Canada only.


Texas Precious Metals

Pros – Good prices. Free shipping. No order minimums. Fast delivery. Accept Credit Card/Debit Card, Bank Wire, or Cash(Pickup only from store location). Accept Limit Orders. A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Selection limited. Personal or Bank Pay Check not allowed. Tax charged in state of Texas. Relatively new business, started in 2011.


Gainesville Coins

Pros – Very good product prices. Very good selection. Well established business with A+ BBB rating. Have online learning center.

Cons – Have high shipping prices. Only accept Bank Wire or Credit Card. Charge sales tax in state of Florida.


Monarch Precious Metals

Pros – Good selection. Good prices. Can search by size.  A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Run out of gold bullion on occasion. Don’t stock American Gold Eagles coins or Buffalos.


Regal Assets

Pros – Great reputation. A+ BBB rating. Excellent selection. Orders filled and shipped quickly. Good prices. Also offer cryptocurrencies.

Have other additional investment options, such as IRA’s and other retirement programs. Can handle large accounts. Have segregated storage facilities on site. Great customer service.

Cons – Corporate clients given priority over personal clients. This situation does not always manifest in a bad customer experience, but could affect supply of an item, or service to the client.

Agents are paid on commission, and may lead customers to numismatics and other products where they make more for sales.

Buy gold & silver safely with Golden Eagle Coins.


Is it Better to Take Delivery or Store Off Site

how to buy gold and silver online
One option to store your precious metals is in a safe deposit box in a bank vault.

An oft discussed topic when buying gold and silver is if it is better to take delivery of the precious metals and store at home or a personal private location.

Or if is it better to have your precious metals stored at a dealer provided storage facility or another secure location such as a safe deposit box in a bank’s storage vault.

My personal preference is to take delivery of my gold and silver, and store in an easily accessible secure location at or near my home or office.

Although the chances of a catastrophic occurrence are very unlikely, I am concerned that if this worst case scenario were to happen, it may be difficult to get my hands on my stock of precious metals in a timely manner, if it is stored in a distant location.

Based on this logic, I believe it is best to store half or less of one’s precious metals in a remote location, and the rest should be kept in a very secure closely proximate place, such as a safe or vault where ability to access is not difficult.


How to Buy Gold and Silver Online

There are many good reasons to learn how to buy  gold and silver online. It is a hedge against inflation. It is very liquid, can be turned into cash or used for purchases of products or services easily if needed.

Gold and silver are real money. It is a protection against a currency collapse. It is protection against a catastrophic event. Gold and silver have always been accepted, and always will be.

Gold and silver is purchased online by thousands and thousands of people everyday. It is very convenient to shop and buy online, and have our purchases delivered right to our door.

It is important to buy online from a reputable company or dealer that has an A+ BBB rating, has been in business for at least a few years, and has a large presence.

Other factors to look for include a good selection, timely delivery, and low prices.

Some of the better known, and reputable online gold and silver dealers include: Apmex, Provident Metals, Texas Precious Metals, Gainesville Coins, Monarch Precious Metals, and Regal Assets.

You can choose to take delivery of your gold and silver and store it as you see fit. If you do take delivery, it is wise to invest in a safe or a vault to provide security, and allow you to sleep well at night.

You may also choose to have your precious metals stored at a remote location provided by a dealer, or even at a safe deposit box at a bank. Or you may choose to do both.

That is, keep some of your stock of precious metals close by, and some stored at a remote location.

Buy Gold Online at dealer cost – Golden Eagle Coins

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or tips below.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading How to Buy Gold and Silver Online. Tom

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I am not investing in Gold or Silver right now but I love to collect special edition silver coins.
    Thanks for the information on How and Where to buy gold and silver.

  2. Hi Tom, I am not investing in these coins, but once in a while, I buy a couple of silver Krugerrands or Maple leaf coins. I think they are the perfect gift for a wedding or jubilee.

  3. I don’t think of this often enough, but I should. I agree that gold and silver will always have a great standard value, especially with everyone getting into bit coin. Our dollar is not worth anything anymore!

    Do you know if you are able to have the gold delivered to a bank, or is it better to just take it with you?

    1. Hi Delanee, thank you for your comments. Yes, precious metals are great protection against the falling dollar. Generally, you would have the gold delivered to you, and you would take it to the bank. However, depending on the circumstances, the bank may be able to assist you. You could talk to your bank to be sure. Tom

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