Gun Cabinets Sale

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Gun cabinets sale
Gun cabinets provide two very valuable functions, safety, and quick access.

A gun cabinets sale should have a great selection of gun cabinets at great prices. It should describe exactly what a gun cabinet is, and what the various types of gun cabinets are.

A good gun cabinets sale should tell you what the differences are between a gun cabinet and a gun safe.

What features should you have in a gun cabinet?  What locks are available with gun cabinets? Is one type of lock preferable over another?

Who are the best gun cabinet and gun safe manufacturers? Is there a good place to buy a gun cabinet or gun safe online?

Why you need a gun cabinet or gun safe

Tragically, 8 children are accidentally shot every day in the U.S. alone from unsecured firearms in the home. The irony is that most people have the guns in the home loaded, in a drawer or unlocked closet for quick and easy access in order to protect their families.

Sadly, if these folks would have just taken the next step to simply secure their firearms in a gun cabinet or a gun safe, these accidents could have been avoided.

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What is a Gun Cabinet?

Gun cabinets sale
A gun cabinet is a locking cabinet to store your guns.

A gun cabinet is exactly what the title says. It is a locking cabinet to store your guns. It provides a safe yet accessible place to keep your guns so that they are safely away from the curious hands of children.

It also allows you to access your guns fairly quickly should a situation arise where it becomes necessary to arm yourself.

Gun cabinets can be made out of various types of wood, or steel. Some wooden gun cabinets have glass windows to reveal your guns, and also make for handsome furniture for your home.

The types of wood that gun cabinets are made from include cedar, cherry, pine, hickory, oak, and walnut.

The fine craftsmanship of gun cabinets also includes some with fine Amish woodworking skill.

A good gun cabinet will also provide some protection from the elements for your guns. These cabinets, depending on the size and type, can store your long guns, as well as handguns.

They may also give you the ability to store ammunition, and accessories, although they are primarily designed for storage and safe keeping of long guns.

The basic design of steel gun cabinets is not ideal for the long term maintenance and upkeep of expensive firearms. Steel gun cabinets are normally stored in a garage, a basement, or in an outbuilding.

Wooden gun cabinets, on the other hand, do provide a better environment for the longevity, and maintenance of your long guns.

These gun cabinets, because they are also considered furniture are usually kept in a bedroom, or a living room which is somewhat more protective of the elements.

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What is the difference between a gun cabinet and a gun safe?

gun cabinets sale
A good gun safe is heavy, has burglary and fire protection, and a custom interior.

A gun cabinet although effective in keeping guns away from children, normally offer little if any burglary protection, or fire protection.

Their interiors tend to also be ‘basic’, limiting their storage, and organizing capability, as well as providing limited protection for your guns from the elements, such as humidity.

As a result, in most cases you will pay a lower price for a gun cabinet as opposed to a gun safe.

As to whether it is better to own a gun safe or if you should check out a good gun cabinets sale will depend on a few factors. Number one is price.

Since you will likely pay more for a gun safe than a gun cabinet, you have to know how much money you have to spend. Number two is number or guns, and quality of guns you own.

Number three is how quickly do you want to be able to access your guns. With a gun safe you will have the option for a biometric lock to control the door.

Biometric locks allow for instant access. This can be critical in a crisis situation such as a home burglary.

If you just own a few inexpensive rifles or shot guns, and want to also store some ammo, you are probably good with a basic steel gun cabinet.

If, on the other hand, if you own several or more long guns, perhaps some handguns, some accessories, and you would like to also store some other valuables, then a gun safe would suit you better.

Gun safes provide burglary protection, as well as fire protection, protecting your contents from determined burglars, as well  as home fires. Gun safes usually offer special interiors, and may have dehumidifier options, and special lighting.

These special gun safe interiors allow you to organize your guns and valuables as you see fit.  Gun safes may also offer additional storage on the inside of the door for handguns, and accessories.

Guns safes are also heavier than gun cabinets, and often allow for the ability to bolt the safe to the floor for added security,  making them much more difficult to walk off with.

However, this additional weight may mean that you will have to have your safe installed by a professional, which will add to your cost.

Many steel gun cabinets can also be bolted to the floor, and due to their lighter weight, this is highly recommended.  The wooden gun cabinets normally do not allow for bolting down.

Gun Cabinet and Gun Safe Locks

gun cabinets sale
Electronic key pad locks are one of the lock options for gun safes

When it comes to gun cabinets, and gun safes one of the most important considerations is the type of lock that controls the exterior door.

Gun cabinets primarily offer the single key lock.  It is possible to buy a gun cabinet with a biometric lock, or a pushbutton lock, but most are made with the single key lock.

The advantage of a single key lock is that there are no electronics to fail, and no combinations to forget when you need to get into your gun cabinet immediately.

The disadvantages are that the key could fall into the wrong hands, and a single key lock offers little burglary protection.

Also, you have to find your key before you can use it. This could take precious time in a crisis situation, such as a home invasion in the middle of the night.

Gun safes, on the other hand, offer different locks than gun cabinets. Combination dials, electronic key pad locks, and biometric locks are available on gun safes.

Electronic key pad locks offer quick and easy access to the contents of your safe. They do need a power source in order to function, and this could be critical during a high stress situation. These electronic locks normally are powered by a 9 volt battery in the housing of the key pad.

A good way to minimize the chances of failure is to add an A/C power source as your primary, and then the battery becomes the back up power supply.

Another option on some gun safes is the push button lock. These locks have a series of buttons that need to be pressed in a predetermined sequence in order to open the safe. Push button locks provide quick access, and have no electronics to fail.

Biometric locks are programmed to utilize fingerprints or a single fingerprint, DNA, iris(eye) recognition, or face recognition technology for the safe to open.

These locks provide virtual instant access to the inside of the safe, and are the preferred locking mechanism for those that understand the value and importance of super fast access, as well as optimum security.

There is no key to find, or combination to remember. These locks also offer the ability to add others that you my want to have access to your safe.

The down side to these locks is that they are not 100% fool proof. If you have a cut or an abrasion on your finger, you may be denied access. It is also possible, although unlikely for an image to fool the print detection.

Biometric locks also require a power source which means they can fail at inopportune times. You can purchase these locks with a single key override mechanism in case of a failure of the biometrics or the power source.

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Best Gun Cabinet Manufacturers

Gun cabinets sale
Gallow Tech makes a very sturdy gun cabinet

Who makes the best gun cabinets?

Steel Gun Cabinets

For steel gun cabinets Gallow Tech, and Homak are hard to beat. Gallow Tech has a very sturdy, heavy duty line of gun cabinets that are used by law enforcement, and homeowners alike.

If you are in and out of your gun cabinet a lot, and need a dependable, very solid storage capapbility, and don’t mind paying a bit more to get it, Gallow Tech fits the bill.

If you are not as concerned with high quality, bells and whistles, and would like an affordable solution to store your guns that provides home security, and quick access, a Homak gun cabinet may be your best bet.

Solid Wood Gun Cabinets

These solid wood gun cabinets not only provide a solution to keep your long guns locked up, but also provide a handsome furniture addition to any home.


This company specializes in Pine Gun Cabinets, and Oak Gun Cabinets. These are well made, attractive pieces of furniture that will keep your guns away from the little ones, and keep you from breaking the bank at the same time.

gun cabinets sale
Amish craftsmen design and build beautiful solid wood gun cabinets

Amish Woodworking

Amish Woodworking Gun Cabinets are not just a dependable security and storage solution for your guns, but they are an investment for yourself and future generations.

These breathtaking works of art are made with the highest quality walnut, and allow you to show off your gun collection with beautiful style.

Best Gun Safe Companies

Although there are many fine makers of gun safes including Browning, and Fort Knox, for quality, value, and service support, my favorite is Amsec, American Security.

Amsec is an American company that uses high quality American parts and materials both for their safes and locks. You will find that Amsec’s prices are among the lowest in the industry, and they have a great selection of gun safes and locks.

They also have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, and 365 days a year service department that can be reached by an 800# should you ever have an issue with one of their safes or locks.

Amsec is also unique in that it makes, and supports it’s own locks. Most other safe manufacturers have to purchase their locks separately from lock makers.

This makes life more difficult for you the end user as you will have two separate warranties, and service departments, if they even have a service department.

Best Place to Buy Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets sale
This Scout pine gun cabinet is one of many types available

The best place to buy gun cabinets either online or offline is at

The selection of gun cabinets, gun safes, accessories, and related products is excellent, and the pricing is as good or better than any other place online or offline.

The support provided by is also excellent. Check out the testimonials.


You are to be commended for making the decision to protect your firearms. You understand that your family’s safety is of paramount importance. By purchasing a gun cabinet or a gun safe you protect yourself and your family two ways.

You keep your guns safely away from the curious hands of children, and you have a very effective way to deter criminals that would attempt to do you and your family harm, and/or attempt to steal your hard earned property. Find a good gun cabinets sale, and receive peace of mind.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about whether purchasing firearms is a good choice for my family but am worried about safety. So I wanted to comment to thank you for this information. It’s very thorough and gave me food for thought.

  2. I agree on gun safety in the home and gun safes is a very much needed investment if your going to own a gun. My brother recently upgraded to a finger print access safe. I was wondering what your thoughts were on these specific types of safes?

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for your comments. Yes, fingerprint or biometric safes are very popular now. I think that they are extremely useful as they allow almost instant access to your guns, while eliminating the chance that someone else can get into your safe. It is important however to buy a good quality fingerprint lock and safe as some of the cheaper models will not provide good dependability.

  3. Thanks for the information. I have been considering a safe or cabinet for a while now. But that has been one of my major concerns, getting to it in a crisis as quick as i can. This has help me a lot. Thank you

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