Gun Cabinets Sale

Gun cabinets sale
Gun cabinets provide two very valuable functions, safety, and quick access.

A gun cabinets sale should have a great selection of gun cabinets at great prices. It should describe exactly what a gun cabinet is, and what the various types of gun cabinets are.

A good gun cabinets sale should tell you what the differences are between a gun cabinet and a gun safe.

What features should you have in a gun cabinet?  What locks are available with gun cabinets? Is one type of lock preferable over another?

Who are the best gun cabinet and gun safe manufacturers? Is there a good place to buy a gun cabinet or gun safe online?

Why you need a gun cabinet or gun safe

Tragically, 8 children are accidentally shot every day in the U.S. alone from unsecured firearms in the home. The irony is that most people have the guns in the home loaded, in a drawer or unlocked closet for quick and easy access in order to protect their families.

Sadly, if these folks would have just taken the next step to simply secure their firearms in a gun cabinet or a gun safe, these accidents could have been avoided.

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What is a Gun Cabinet?

Gun cabinets sale
A gun cabinet is a locking cabinet to store your guns.

A gun cabinet is exactly what the title says. It is a locking cabinet to store your guns. It provides a safe yet accessible place to keep your guns so that they are safely away from the curious hands of children.

It also allows you to access your guns fairly quickly should a situation arise where it becomes necessary to arm yourself.

Gun cabinets can be made out of various types of wood, or steel. Some wooden gun cabinets have glass windows to reveal your guns, and also make for handsome furniture for your home.

The types of wood that gun cabinets are made from include cedar, cherry, pine, hickory, oak, and walnut.

The fine craftsmanship of gun cabinets also includes some with fine Amish woodworking skill.

A good gun cabinet will also provide some protection from the elements for your guns. These cabinets, depending on the size and type, can store your long guns, as well as handguns.

They may also give you the ability to store ammunition, and accessories, although they are primarily designed for storage and safe keeping of long guns.

The basic design of steel gun cabinets is not ideal for the long term maintenance and upkeep of expensive firearms. Steel gun cabinets are normally stored in a garage, a basement, or in an outbuilding.

Wooden gun cabinets, on the other hand, do provide a better environment for the longevity, and maintenance of your long guns.

These gun cabinets, because they are also considered furniture are usually kept in a bedroom, or a living room which is somewhat more protective of the elements.

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What is the difference between a gun cabinet and a gun safe?

gun cabinets sale
A good gun safe is heavy, has burglary and fire protection, and a custom interior.

A gun cabinet although effective in keeping guns away from children, normally offer little if any burglary protection, or fire protection.

Their interiors tend to also be ‘basic’, limiting their storage, and organizing capability, as well as providing limited protection for your guns from the elements, such as humidity.

As a result, in most cases you will pay a lower price for a gun cabinet as opposed to a gun safe.

As to whether it is better to own a gun safe or if you should check out a good gun cabinets sale will depend on a few factors. Number one is price.

Since you will likely pay more for a gun safe than a gun cabinet, you have to know how much money you have to spend. Number two is number or guns, and quality of guns you own.

Number three is how quickly do you want to be able to access your guns. With a gun safe you will have the option for a biometric lock to control the door.

Biometric locks allow for instant access. This can be critical in a crisis situation such as a home burglary.

If you just own a few inexpensive rifles or shot guns, and want to also store some ammo, you are probably good with a basic steel gun cabinet.

If, on the other hand, if you own several or more long guns, perhaps some handguns, some accessories, and you would like to also store some other valuables, then a gun safe would suit you better.

Gun safes provide burglary protection, as well as fire protection, protecting your contents from determined burglars, as well  as home fires. Gun safes usually offer special interiors, and may have dehumidifier options, and special lighting.

These special gun safe interiors allow you to organize your guns and valuables as you see fit.  Gun safes may also offer additional storage on the inside of the door for handguns, and accessories.

Guns safes are also heavier than gun cabinets, and often allow for the ability to bolt the safe to the floor for added security,  making them much more difficult to walk off with.

However, this additional weight may mean that you will have to have your safe installed by a professional, which will add to your cost.

Many steel gun cabinets can also be bolted to the floor, and due to their lighter weight, this is highly recommended.  The wooden gun cabinets normally do not allow for bolting down.

Gun Cabinet and Gun Safe Locks

gun cabinets sale
Electronic key pad locks are one of the lock options for gun safes

When it comes to gun cabinets, and gun safes one of the most important considerations is the type of lock that controls the exterior door.

Gun cabinets primarily offer the single key lock.  It is possible to buy a gun cabinet with a biometric lock, or a pushbutton lock, but most are made with the single key lock.

The advantage of a single key lock is that there are no electronics to fail, and no combinations to forget when you need to get into your gun cabinet immediately.

The disadvantages are that the key could fall into the wrong hands, and a single key lock offers little burglary protection.

Also, you have to find your key before you can use it. This could take precious time in a crisis situation, such as a home invasion in the middle of the night.

Gun safes, on the other hand, offer different locks than gun cabinets. Combination dials, electronic key pad locks, and biometric locks are available on gun safes.

Electronic key pad locks offer quick and easy access to the contents of your safe. They do need a power source in order to function, and this could be critical during a high stress situation. These electronic locks normally are powered by a 9 volt battery in the housing of the key pad.

A good way to minimize the chances of failure is to add an A/C power source as your primary, and then the battery becomes the back up power supply.

Another option on some gun safes is the push button lock. These locks have a series of buttons that need to be pressed in a predetermined sequence in order to open the safe. Push button locks provide quick access, and have no electronics to fail.

Biometric locks are programmed to utilize fingerprints or a single fingerprint, DNA, iris(eye) recognition, or face recognition technology for the safe to open.

These locks provide virtual instant access to the inside of the safe, and are the preferred locking mechanism for those that understand the value and importance of super fast access, as well as optimum security.

There is no key to find, or combination to remember. These locks also offer the ability to add others that you my want to have access to your safe.

The down side to these locks is that they are not 100% fool proof. If you have a cut or an abrasion on your finger, you may be denied access. It is also possible, although unlikely for an image to fool the print detection.

Biometric locks also require a power source which means they can fail at inopportune times. You can purchase these locks with a single key override mechanism in case of a failure of the biometrics or the power source.

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Best Gun Cabinet Manufacturers

Gun cabinets sale
Gallow Tech makes a very sturdy gun cabinet

Who makes the best gun cabinets?

Steel Gun Cabinets

For steel gun cabinets Gallow Tech, and Homak are hard to beat. Gallow Tech has a very sturdy, heavy duty line of gun cabinets that are used by law enforcement, and homeowners alike.

If you are in and out of your gun cabinet a lot, and need a dependable, very solid storage capapbility, and don’t mind paying a bit more to get it, Gallow Tech fits the bill.

If you are not as concerned with high quality, bells and whistles, and would like an affordable solution to store your guns that provides home security, and quick access, a Homak gun cabinet may be your best bet.

Solid Wood Gun Cabinets

These solid wood gun cabinets not only provide a solution to keep your long guns locked up, but also provide a handsome furniture addition to any home.


This company specializes in Pine Gun Cabinets, and Oak Gun Cabinets. These are well made, attractive pieces of furniture that will keep your guns away from the little ones, and keep you from breaking the bank at the same time.

gun cabinets sale
Amish craftsmen design and build beautiful solid wood gun cabinets

Amish Woodworking

Amish Woodworking Gun Cabinets are not just a dependable security and storage solution for your guns, but they are an investment for yourself and future generations.

These breathtaking works of art are made with the highest quality walnut, and allow you to show off your gun collection with beautiful style.

Best Gun Safe Companies

Although there are many fine makers of gun safes including Browning, and Fort Knox, for quality, value, and service support, my favorite is Amsec, American Security.

Amsec is an American company that uses high quality American parts and materials both for their safes and locks. You will find that Amsec’s prices are among the lowest in the industry, and they have a great selection of gun safes and locks.

They also have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, and 365 days a year service department that can be reached by an 800# should you ever have an issue with one of their safes or locks.

Amsec is also unique in that it makes, and supports it’s own locks. Most other safe manufacturers have to purchase their locks separately from lock makers.

This makes life more difficult for you the end user as you will have two separate warranties, and service departments, if they even have a service department.

Best Place to Buy Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets sale
This Scout pine gun cabinet is one of many types available

The best place to buy gun cabinets either online or offline is at

The selection of gun cabinets, gun safes, accessories, and related products is excellent, and the pricing is as good or better than any other place online or offline.

The support provided by is also excellent. Check out the testimonials.


You are to be commended for making the decision to protect your firearms. You understand that your family’s safety is of paramount importance. By purchasing a gun cabinet or a gun safe you protect yourself and your family two ways.

You keep your guns safely away from the curious hands of children, and you have a very effective way to deter criminals that would attempt to do you and your family harm, and/or attempt to steal your hard earned property. Find a good gun cabinets sale, and receive peace of mind.

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Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or tips below.  Feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading Gun Cabinets Sale. Tom




Shower Faucet – Repair and Installation

Shower faucet - repair and installation
Does your shower faucet leak?

Does your shower faucet leak? Would you like to be able to fix it yourself without having to pay the high prices that plumbers charge?

Are you a real estate flipper or rehabber that would like to learn how to repair or replace a shower faucet yourself without having to hire someone to do it? Are you a handyman that would like to learn how to fix or replace a shower faucet to improve your value to your customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will gain some useful knowledge here.

Plumbing Supplies and Tools Needed

Shower faucet - repair and installation
No job can begin without the right tools.

Before you can attempt any shower faucet repair on installation plumbing job, you have to have the right supplies and tools to do the job correctly.

Screwdrivers – Have both a Pillips head and a Slotted head screwdriver on hand.

Shower Socket Set  – For removing valves from their bases inside the wall.

Handle Puller – For removing stubborn handles that won’t budge by hand.

Adjustable Wrench – Many possible uses for this veratile tool.

Adjustable Pliers – Another versatile, must have tool.

Allen Wrench or Hex Wrench Set – for removal and installation of Allen or Hex screws.

Plumbers Putty – Provides adherance, and a watertight seal for handles, escutcheons, etc.

Teflon Tape – Provides a watertight seal for threaded valves, shower arm, and other connections.

Plumbers Grease or Lube – Slippery surface for rubber orings to allow for reinsertion of valves.

Flashlight – Shower access doors are often hidden in closets and other out of the way spaces.

Clean Towels/Rags – Useful to keep from scratching chrome surfaces while removing handles, shower heads, etc.

O Ring Pick – For removal of o rings from valves.

Putty Knife – To remove dirt and old plumbers putty from behind handles, etc.

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Finding the Cause of the Issue

Shower faucet - repair and installation
Certain clues will lead you to the cause of the leak.

Once you have the needed tools at the ready, it’s time to diagnose the problem. Although many showers also have bathtub faucets, I will cover only shower faucets here.

Normally the problem will be a leak of some sort. Leaks in showers can come  from the handle, or from the shower head.

The good news is, the solution for either leak is usually the same for any single handle shower faucet or valve. The cartridge will need to be replaced.

If, however, you have a hand held shower,  the leak may be due to worn out washers in the flexible tubing ends, at the diverter(if you have one), or at the shower head.

If the leak is coming from the shower head section of the hand held shower unit, the cartridge is the most likely culprit.

I suggest attempting to repair or replace the hand held unit before replacing the cartridge in the wall if it appears that the leak is coming from the flexible tubing, or from the diverter.  This will be easier, and cheaper in most cases than replacing the cartridge.

Turn the Water Off

Shower faucet - repair and installation
Turn the water off before you get started.

The first order of business is to find the water shut offs, and turn the water off.  The shut off valves are usually directly behind the wall where your shower handles are.

There is usually an access door that is in a closet or on a wall. Find the access door, open it, and look for the shut off valves.

You may need a flashlight. Shut both the hot and the cold sides off. If, for some reason you can’t locate these shut off valves, you will need to find the main shut off valve for the house and close that off.

The main shut off is normally in the basement, and near where the main water lines (usually copper) come into the house.

After the water is shut off, turn the shower faucet on to bleed any water that is left in the lines. This will keep the residual water to a minimum, and save you from getting splashed while working.


Replacing the Cartridge

Shower faucet - repair and installation
The shower cartridge is usually the cause of the leak.

Before you start to take the handle apart, close off the drain with a towel to ensure no parts fall down into it.  The make of the shower faucet you have will determine exactly how to take it apart.

Some, like Moen will have a button that you need to pry off with a screwdriver, and a screw that needs to be taken out.

There will likely be a sleeve that will either unscrew or pull out.  There may also be a retaining clip that needs to come off to proved access to the cartridge.

Once you have clear access to the cartridge, you simply take a pair of pliers and gently pull the cartridge out. You may have to work it back and forth to loosen it up before it will come out.

Take the cartridge into your local plumbing supply house, and purchase a new one.

For other faucets like Delta, you may need an Allen or Hex wrench to remove the Allen set screw on the handle to remove it. You will then have to either unscrew or remove the sleeve or jacket that is protecting the area with the cartridge.

There will be some variance depending on the model that you have. Effectively, you need to remove whatever is attached surrounding the cartridge to access the cartridge.

Once you have all of the pieces on the outside of the cartridge removed, you can and you can access the cartridge, you can gently loosen it with pliers, and pull it out.

With the cartridge out, inspect the area that contained the cartridge. Try to clean out any corrosion or dirt that may have effected the proper operation of the cartridge before you put the new cartridge in.

Delta has a lifetime warranty on their shower faucets, so as long as you bought the product, you may be able to get a replacement cartridge sent to you free of charge.

Otherwise you can buy a new cartridge by taking the old cartridge into your local plumbing supply house to match it up.

When installing the new cartridge, be sure that you match it up according to the directions that will be with the new cartridge.

Otherwise your hot side could become the cold side and vice versa, or you may experience new leaks. If this happens of course, you will have to go through the process again.

Once you have everything put back into place and secured, you can turn the water back on, and test your handiwork. If there are no leaks anywhere, and you have good water pressure, you are good to go. Keep a close eye on your repair for the next few days just to be on the safe side.

If you have questions regarding your particular make and model of shower faucet/valve, you can visit the maufacturers website for more information. If you have any paperwork or a box with the make and model number on it, this will be helpful.

If you’re not sure which make of faucet you have, look on the chrome plating around the faucet. The name is often embossed at the bottom or top of the chrome beneath or above the faucet.

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Installing a New Shower Faucet

Installing a New Shower Faucet

If you would like to upgrade the look of your shower without having to replace the shower valves in the wall behind the shower, you can do so by buying a new trim kit(shower handle, shower head, shower arm, and face plate). You will have to match up your existing trim with the new trim.

I recommend buying your new trim first if you can. Be sure though that you new trim will work with your old shower faucet set up. Your best bet is to stay with the same manufacturer of your existing faucet.

There are some types of trim that can match up with other manufacturers trim, but you will need to either go online to the manufacturers website, or to your local kitchen & bath store, or plumbing supply to determine your options.

If you go to your local stores, be sure to bring the old trim with you or take pictures of it first. If you have any old paperwork or boxes for your old trim bring that with you also.

Start by turning off the water. Look behind the wall where your shower trim is located for shut off valves. There should be an access door in that area.

This could be in a closet or another space. If you are unable to locate these valves, or if there aren’t any shut off valves, you will need to turn the water off at the main water valve coming into the house. If you find the shut off valves be sure to shut both sides off.

Next turn on the water at the shower to allow any water in the line to evacuate.  This will ensure that you will be dry during the job.

Take a wrench or a pair of pliers along with a small towel and remove the shower arm and shower head. The shower arm will unscrew from the wall. Be sure to use the towel so that you don’t scratch the chrome surfaces.

Remove the chrome face plate surrounding the single handle valve. You may need a screwdriver, or a wrench to remove it, depending on the make of the faucet.

Next remove the handle using either a screwdriver, or an Allen wrench. It is a good idea to also replace the valve while you are replacing the trim.

Simply pull the valve from the wall using a pair of pliers. You may have to loosen it by gently first by turning it slightly back and forth.

You are now ready to install the new shower faucet trim. Be sure to tape any threads with teflon tape before screwing your new shower arm into the wall, and for the other end where your new shower head will be added.

Also be sure to use a towel between the chrome and your tools to keep from scratching the surfaces.

Make sure to line up the new valve correctly before you insert it into the wall. You may need to coat the exterior of the valve with a bit of plumbers grease first to get it slippery.

Hold on to the instructions in case you run into a problem, or have a question. In most cases, this is a simple install.

Now that you have everything in place, turn the water back on and test to be sure that there are no leaks, and the operation of the new set up is working properly.  Keep a close eye on it for a few days.


When to Call the Plumber

Shower faucet - repair and installation
For some jobs, plumbers are worth their weight in gold.

If you want to do a complete makeover of your shower faucet, you will need to remove the entire valve from behind the wall, and possibly some shut off valves, piping, and joints.

This will likely entail some specialized work, knowledge, and tools. I don’t recommend this job for a DIYer (do it yourselfer).

This is a job for a plumber or a general contractor that is licensed and experienced with this type of work. You may have to pay a lot, but some things are just worth the money.

You may however, be able to purchase the trim yourself, and save the plumber’s mark up, if you so desire.

Shower faucet repair and installation is not that difficult as long as you have the needed tools, some basic knowledge, some patience, and access to a good plumbing supply or kitchen and bath store either online or offline.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have. Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your shower repairs and replacements.





Bathroom Faucet – Repair and Installation

Is your bathroom faucet leaking from the spout, the handle, or the base? Are you ready to replace your bathroom faucet?

Would you like to know how to go about it so that you don’t have to pay a plumber a lot of money, and have a stranger trapesing through your personal space?

Are you a rehabber or a house flipper that wants to do some of the updating of your homes yourself? Or do you just want to know how to do it so you can teach your workers?

Do you work for a rehabber or a flipper? Are you a handyman that needs to know how to perform some plumbing repairs and replacements?

If any of these scenarios fit you, or if you know someone that it does, this information will be of benefit.

Plumbing Tools and Supplies Needed

bathroom faucet - repair and installation
Be sure you have the right tools to do the job.

Before you can attack any plumbing repair of replacement, you will need some tools and supplies. Some of these tools may not be needed, depending on the particular repair or job that you are attempting to undertake.

But, to account for all possible situations, I will describe every tool that could possibly be needed for repair or replacement of a bathroom faucet.

If you are a rehabber, a handyman, a maintenance man, or any type of plumbing professional, you should of course have all of these tools and supplies.

Screwdrivers – Good idea to have both a Phillips Head, and a Slotted Head screwdriver handy.

Handle Puller – This handy tool makes it easy to remove a stubborn faucet handle.

Adjustable Wrench – A must have for loosening nuts and valves.

Pipe Wrench – This heavy duty tool is for jobs that require leverage and strength. Normally not needed for bathroom faucets, but may be needed for related shut off valves, or issues with pressure pipes.

Basin Wrench – For loosening and removing nuts from under the sink.

Socket Wrench – Useful for removing valves from faucet bodies.

Pliers or Adjustable Pliers – A must have for many possible uses.

Teflon Tape – Needed for water tight seal on threads, such as at the bottom of valves.

Plumbers Putty – Also provides a watertight seal. Many possible uses, but normally used to seal base of faucet to sink.

Seat Wrench – Shaped like a boomerang, this tool is used to remove seats from the base of the valve.

Seat Grinding or Polishing Tool – Used to smooth out the surface of a pitted or chipped valve seat.

Plumbers Grease or Lube – Used to provide a slippery surface to reinstall valves, and other uses.

O Ring Pick – Used to remove o rings from valves.

Allen or Hex Wrench Set – For Allen or hex screws in single handle faucets.

Putty Knife – For scraping surfaces.

Buckets and Sponges – Always have these handy for those untimely leaks, spills, and drips.

Diagnosing the Issue

bathroom faucet - repair and installation
First find out where leak is coming from.

2 Handle – Hot & Cold (4 inch Centerset Bathroom Faucets)

The most common issue with bathroom faucets is of course a leak. Where the leak is coming from though is the most important thing to consider, and will determine how you go about the repair.

Before you attempt to repair your bathroom faucet however, you should locate the main water shut off valve for the house.

This is normally in the basement. Look for a shut off handle that is in close proximity to pipes(usually copper)coming into the house.

By knowing where the main shut off is, you can protect yourself from a calamity that could happen while attempting a repair, such as from a busted or corroded pipe, a shoddy valve or supply line or any number of other unforeseen circumstances.

If all else fails, you can shut the water off at the main to stop any leak.

Leaking from faucet or spout 

Close the drain stop so that you will not lose any screws or other parts down the drain.

When you experience a leak from the faucet or spout, put your finger under the leak or drip from the spout. If the water is warm or hot, it is most likely coming from the hot side.

If the water from the drip is cool or cold, it is likely coming from the cold side.

You next step is to look under that sink for a shut off valve that corresponds to either the hot or the cold side, depending on the temperature of the water from the drip.

Be sure that the shut off valve under that sink is securely shut off.

If after turning the shut off valve off under the sink, you still have drips or leaks, you will need to turn the water off at the main shut off valve that comes into the house.

This is usually in the basement. Once the water is shut off turn the faucet handle at the top of the sink to the on position to bleed any residual water in the line.

Next, take a slotted head screwdriver and pry the H or C button off the handle to expose the top of screw. You should see the top of a Philips head screw or a Slotted head screw.

bathroom faucet - repair and installation
Leaks from spout usually come from a chipped or pitted valve seat or a bad cartridge.

Unscrew the screw using the appropriate screwdriver, and remove the handle from the valve. If you have trouble removing the handle, you should put a handle puller into service.

Once the handle is removed, you should see the top part of the valve. Unscrew the valve from the base of the faucet using a wrench or pair of pliers. Inspect the bottom of the valve.

You will likely see the seat washer is furrowed or damaged, or missing. The cause of this furrowed or damaged seat washer is the valve seat that it sits on.

Be sure that the base of the valve is not damaged. If not, you can either attempt to remove the seat from the faucet, or grind down the seat with your seat grinding tool to smooth out the surface of the valve seat. To remove the valve seat use the seat wrench.

If you are successful in grinding down the valve seat, you will only need to replace the seat washer.

If you are not familiar with the sizes of these washers, bring the entire valve into the plumbing supply or hardware store, so you can buy the correct size.

If you removed the seat, you will need to bring the seat and the valve into the plumbing supply or hardward store to get the correct seat and seat washer.

Reinstall the seat and/or seat washer, and the valve. Put the handle back on the top of the valve and screw the handle to the top of the valve. Put the H or C button back on.

Many newer faucets do not have seats or seat washers.  These faucets are designed so that the entire valve or cartridge will need to be replaced. You can usually tell by the fact that the valves or cartridges are made of plastic.

Turn the water on from the shut off valve under the sink. Turn the water on at the faucet on the side that you just worked on.

Check to make sure that there are no leaks either under the sink, or at the faucet at the top of the sink.

This should fix the leak, and if you have done things correctly, 9 times out of 10 you should be good to go. If is doesn’t fix the leak, recheck things to be sure they are on, or screwed in properly. If this still hasn’t fixed the leak, it is likely time to buy a new faucet, or call a plumber.

Leaking from handle

If the leak is coming from under the handle, shut the water off under the sink from the side where the leak at the handle is.

Remove the handle by prying off the H or C button, unscrewing the screw at the top of the handle, and removing the handle. Again, if the handle doesn’t come off on it’s own, you will need a handle puller help you do the job.

Remove the handle, unscrew the valve, and inspect the o ring (a black rubber ring) on the side of the valve. Chances are good that the o ring is flattened, damaged, or missing. Using your O Ring pick or an ice pick, remove the o ring from the valve.

bathroom faucet - repair and installation
Your local plumbing supply or hardware store will have the parts and tools you need.

Take the old o ring into the plumbing supply or hardware store, and match up it’s size to buy a new one. You may have to buy a package of several different sized o rings in order to get the one you need.

It’s a good idea to also bring in the valve to be sure you buy the right sized o ring.

Reapply the new o ring onto the valve. Coat the outside of the o ring with plumbers grease or lube. Reinsert the valve into the body of the faucet. Reinstall the handle, and the button. Turn the water back on from under the sink, or at the main if needed, and check to see if there are any leaks.

This should fix the leak at the handle. If it does not, recheck everything to be sure it is on and affixed correctly. If the leak continues, you can try replacing the entire valve. This should only be needed if the valve is old or damaged. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, it’s time to buy a new faucet.

Leak from the base of the faucet

If you have a leak from the base or the bottom of the faucet where it meets the sink, it is normally caused by a hole in the body of the faucet.

It is possible though that the leak could be eminating from one of the valves. You will need to shut the water off under the sink for both the hot and cold side.

Once the water is off, you will need to unhook the supply lines that lead up to the bottom of the faucet from the shut off valves.

It is easier to unscrew the supply lines at the shut off valve than to attempt to where they attach at the bottom of the faucet. You will then need to remove the nuts that secure the faucet to the sink.

These are found under the sink. You may need a Basin Wrench that adjusts to give you leverage. Pull the faucet off and inspect the entire body of the faucet.

If all this checks out ok, you can try to put a rim of plumbers putty on the inside rim of the faucet where it will meet the sink.

Reattach everything and test. If leaks still appear, it’s time to look for a new faucet.  If you see severe corrosion, or a hole, or both, it’s time to buy a new faucet. If the faucet appears to be in good shape, you should look to see if one of the valves may be causing the issue.

Inspect the valves, and the surrounding area for evidence of deterioration. If you find problems with the valve or valves, replace them, reattach everything, and test.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, which it should, again it’s time to find a new faucet.


bathroom faucet - repair and installation
Single handle bath faucets require different repair techniques.

Single Handle 4″ Centerset Bathroom Faucets

Single handle faucets such as Moen, and Delta, two of the most popular brands, require different repair techniques than the 2 handle faucets described above.

Close the drain stop so you will not lose any screws or other parts down the drain.

Moen, for instance uses a cartridge to control these faucets. If you experience a leak from either the spout, or from the handle, you will need to buy a new valve.  It is relatively easy to replace the valve. Shut the water off under the sink.

Using your Allen or Hex wrench, unscrew the screw that is on the body of the faucet.  This may be under the Moen emblem, depending on the faucet model.  Pull the handle off the faucet. Unscrew the screw that is holding the various pieces in place.

Remove or unscrew the various pieces, including the retaining clip to get to the cartridge. Remember the sequence that these pieces are placed in the faucet.

Once all of the pieces are removed(there may be one piece or several), use a pair of pliers to pull the cartridge out from the body of the faucet.

Remember the position of the cartridge when you pull it out.  Clean the area of any debris or dirt. Take the cartridge to your plumbing supply to be sure you buy the exact one. Install the new cartridge. Replace all of the pieces, and screws in the proper order.

Turn the faucet back on from under the sink. This should fix any leak. If it doesn’t, inspect to be sure everything is in it’s proper place, and installed correctly. If so, and you still have a leak, time to seek a new faucet.

Delta faucets use a ball, and a set of washers, springs, and o rings.  Turn the water off under the sink, both sides. Use your Allen or hex wrench to remove  the Allen or hex screw holding the handle onto the faucet.

Pull the handle off the faucet. You may need a special Delta tool that comes with their repair kits in order to unscrew the large retaining nut, and access the interior of the faucet.

Purchase the complete repair kit, and remove the large retaining nut. Pull out the black piece that has the arrow shape in the middle. Then remove the ball, and the washers and springs. Pay attention to the position of these pieces.

Replace the old pieces with the new pieces. Reattach, and turn the water back on to test. This repair should fix both a leak from spout as well as a leak from the handle of the faucet.

If it does not, time to shop for another faucet.

There are other brands of single handle bathroom faucets. Most of the repairs will be similar to these described above, but some will not.

Look for the instructions included with the faucet, if you have still have them. If not, go to the manufacturers website for repair instructions, or check Google, and YouTube for more possible information.


How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

Replacing a bathroom faucet is usually more involved than repairing a bathroom faucet. It is however, not difficult in most cases.  First, shut the water off on both sides under the sink.

Once the water is shut off, go up to the top of the sink and turn both the hot and cold sides on to bleed the lines. This will minimize the amount of water that will be left in the lines.

bathroom faucet - repair and installation
If all else fails, a plumber is just a phone call or an email away.

Then, unscrew the supply lines at the shut off valves. Next, from underneath,unscrew any nuts or bolts that are securing the faucet to the sink.  You may need your basin wrench in order to do it.

Then, also from underneath remove the connector on the drain stopper.

This may require unscrewing a nut at the drain stopper to remove the small rod and ball.

(Note: Your faucet may not have a drain stopper open and close mechanism. If so, disregard this part.)

Depending on the type of faucet, you may also have to unscrew the knob at the top of the drain stop rod, and pull the rod out.   Next, unscrew the nut on the P trap that holds the drain stop assembly.  The P trap is usually white plastic, and the drain assembly is usually chrome.

Then, at the center of the sink, remove the drain stop assembly by prying the edges until it comes loose. It may take a little elbow grease if there is hardened plumbers putty.

Then unscrew the rim, and pull the assembly out from underneath.  Next, from the top, gently pry the base of the faucet from the sink. Pull the faucet off the sink.

Clean the surface of the sink to remove all dirt, hardened plumbers putty, etc.  I recommend buying new supply lines unless your existing supply lines are new or next to new.

Be sure to take your old supply lines into the plumbing supply so that you can match the size at the bottom connection for your new supply lines, as this size can vary. The top side of the supply line is always the same size.

Take your new faucet, and apply a ring of plumbers putty around the inside edge of the base of the faucet where it will sit on the sink to give a watertight seal, and provide added adherence.

Next, take some teflon tape, and wrap a few times around the faucet supply line threads. The teflon tape will provide a watertight seal.

From the top of the sink, feed the supply lines through the holes on the sink.  From under the sink, screw in the nuts that secure the faucet to the sink.

Insert your drain stop assembly into the hole in the sink, and connect it to the rod so that it opens and closes properly.

Reattach the drain assembly to the P trap. You may need a new washer for the inside of the P trap nut to ensure a watertight seal. If the P trap is old, it may also be a good idea to replace it, as well.

Note: If you buy the exact same faucet, you may be able to continue to use the same drain assembly, although it likely won’t look good with your new faucet.

Then, apply some teflon tape to the threads on the shut off valves.  Attach the bottom of the supply lines to the shut off valves. Be sure that all of your supply line connections are nice and tight.

Turn the water back on at the shut off valves. Go to the top and turn the water on at your new faucet to test. Be sure there are no leaks anywhere.

Also, check to be sure the drain stop assembly is opening and closing properly. Also, be sure that your new faucet is securely fastened to the sink.

Keep a close eye on your new bathroom faucet installation for the first few days to be sure there are no leaks, or other issues.

Most bathroom faucet repairs, are fairly simple. However, on occasion, you may run into issues that are difficult to deal with. Bathroom faucet installations are a bit more involved, but usually not difficult.

If you have any questions about either repairs or installations for your bathroom faucet, you can usually find the answer online on Google, and/or on YouTube or on the manufacturers website. If you deem it still too involved, risky. or difficult, you can always call a plumber.

Feel free to leave any questions, or comments below. I will be happy to respond to all inquiries.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading Bathroom Faucet – Repair and Installation.  Tom


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How to Buy Gold and Silver Online

how to buy gold and silver online
Now is the time to buy gold and silver.

Learning how to buy gold and silver online can prove enormously beneficial to you. There are many reasons for buying gold and silver. I will go over why gold, and silver are sound investments.

I will also cover what to look for when buying precious metals online to ensure you are getting the best prices, and to also ensure that you are dealing with legitimate, trustworthy companies.

I will also list and recommend some very reputable online companies that have a proven track record in providing gold and silver bullion, as well as gold and silver coins.

I will also provide information as to whether you should take delivery of your precious metals, or if it’s better to allow them to be stored for you. How to buy gold and silver online is critical to ensuring a great investment.

The Case for Gold and Silver

How to buy gold and silver online
Gold and silver coins have stood the test of time.

There are many reasons why buying, and holding gold and silver is a very smart financial, and investment move.

Buying precious metals is a hedge against inflation.  The US central bankers, and others of the world are price fixers. They print money to control the price of the dollar, and interest rates.

When they print money based on nothing, basicaly out of thin air, and increase the supply of money, it devalues money. Many economists are predicting an imminent collapse of the US Dollar, which could take with it the rest of the world’s currencies.

The more inflation that is created, the more important it is to own gold and silver. These precious metals will always have value, and will become even more valuable during an inflationary economic condition.

The price of gold and silver is not correlated to the price of stocks and bonds.  In a stock market crash situation, and it’s likely resulting economic depression, the value of money, and stocks will greatly decrease.

Buy gold & silver safely with Golden Eagle Coins.

The people holding precious metals will rise above the turmoil, as gold and silver always have, and always will.

If the price of stocks and bonds go up, gold and silver give you an insurance policy despite not being worth as much as the rising stocks and bonds in this current market scenario.

If the price of stocks and bonds go down, your gold and silver will maintain it’s value, and will cover you if all else fails. Either scenario, you will be glad you own it.

Gold and Silver are real money. They provide purchasing protection. The world’s currencies are simply paper that is backed by nothing, and is merely a promise to pay. Once these currencies lose value, and based on history, they will. there will be a rush to own gold and silver.

Gold and silver is very liquid.  This means they can be utilized almost immediately for any product or service that you may need or want.

Buy Gold Online at dealer cost – Golden Eagle Coins

how to buy gold and silver online
Gold and silver is your safe haven against even unlikely catastrophic events.

Gold and silver have been around as a medium of exchange for thousands of years, and have inherent value.

In other words, they have their own value, compared to paper money which has none, in and of itself.

Gold and Silver are safe havens to protect against catastrophy. Since all of the world’s currency or money supply are fiat currencies.  Fiat currencies are national currencies that are backed by nothing of value. Fiat currencies have always failed historically.

There have been no exceptions. Every single country that has ever adopted this non backed method of exchange has had it fail eventually.  The average life span of a fiat currency is 27 years.

Only currencies that are backed by gold or silver, or use gold and silver as a medium of exchange have thrived during times of both in good economic times and bad.

If this scenario happens, or I should say when this scenario happens when the fiat system fails, the central bankers will look back to see what worked before.

They will see that gold and silver, and gold and silver backed currencies worked well, and will gravitate back to a system based on these precious metals. Those that are holding these precious metals will benefit greatly.

Owning gold and silver will allow you to sleep better at night. Due to the fact that owning precious metals protects you and your loved ones from virtually any negative economic condition, you will be less stressed, and this will allow you to sleep better at night.

Buy gold & silver safely with Golden Eagle Coins.

This may be the best reason to learn how to buy gold and silver online.  What price can you put on your peace of mind, and good health?

Buying Gold and Silver Online

how to buy gold and silver online
Buying gold and silver online is easy and convenient.

We know that owning gold and silver is a sound investment idea. And we know and like that many things can be purchased online from the comfort of our homes or offices.

We also like the convenience that our online purchases can be brought right to our door without our having to leave the comfort of our homes or offices, should we so choose.

When buying gold and silver online, it is important that we buy from a reputable company or dealer that can be trusted. We want to know that our purchases are very high quality, precisely what we order without any variances or substitutions, and are fulfilled, and shipped within a reasonable amount of time.

But how do I know that the online dealer that I want to buy from is reputable, and trustworthy, I can hear you asking?

The best rule of thumb to ensure that you will get exactly what you pay for, and within a reasonable amount of time is to stay away from the small time, lesser known, or unknown dealers. Only buy from the big, well known, established gold and silver dealers.

The larger online dealers pay a lot of money on their websites, and their website security. They also spend a good deal of money on insurance to protect themselves, and their customers against any unforeseen circumstance.

Many of these smaller dealers are not spending a lot of money on their businesses, and may not have good protection for your personal information. This lack of spending and protection enables them to offer lower prices to you.

You may have to pay a small amount more with the big guys compared with the smaller upstarts, but knowing that your purchase is protected, will be exactly what you ordered, and will get to you in a timely fashion is a small price to pay.

Buy Gold Online at dealer cost – Golden Eagle Coins

This is not to say that all smaller companies are not trustworthy. Many younger, smaller sites/companies are fine, reputable dealers. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. But, when considering smaller dealers, caveat emptor, buyer beware.

Your best defense against a bad online experience is to always be sure that your online gold and silver dealer has an A+ Better Business Bureau, BBB rating.


Where to Buy Gold and Silver Online

how to buy gold and silver online
Gold coins may also have numismatic value.


Golden Eagle Coins

Pros – Great selection of coins, and bullion. Low prices. Quick, accurate delivery. Responsive customer service. Established online business. In business since 1974.  A+ BBB rating.  Can also shop by phone – 800 #.  Require signatures for delivery. Free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Cons – Packaging on rare occasion could be a bit better.


Pros – Great selection. Get new product quickly. Accept Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Bank Wire, Money Orders. Ship to 50 different countries. Have Ebay store which is good for small orders, and getting delivery quickly.  Good reputation. A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Not the cheapest place to buy. Can take several weeks to receive order. Charges sales tax in Oklahoma, and New York.


Provident Metals

Pros – Good prices on product, and shipping. Good selection. Accept Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Bank Wire, Money Orders. Low shipping costs make smaller buys more cost effective.

Free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders also can be placed by phone.  A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Charge sales tax in Texas. Not international. Sell to U.S. and Canada only.


Texas Precious Metals

Pros – Good prices. Free shipping. No order minimums. Fast delivery. Accept Credit Card/Debit Card, Bank Wire, or Cash(Pickup only from store location). Accept Limit Orders. A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Selection limited. Personal or Bank Pay Check not allowed. Tax charged in state of Texas. Relatively new business, started in 2011.


Gainesville Coins

Pros – Very good product prices. Very good selection. Well established business with A+ BBB rating. Have online learning center.

Cons – Have high shipping prices. Only accept Bank Wire or Credit Card. Charge sales tax in state of Florida.


Monarch Precious Metals

Pros – Good selection. Good prices. Can search by size.  A+ BBB rating.

Cons – Run out of gold bullion on occasion. Don’t stock American Gold Eagles coins or Buffalos.


Regal Assets

Pros – Great reputation. A+ BBB rating. Excellent selection. Orders filled and shipped quickly. Good prices. Also offer cryptocurrencies.

Have other additional investment options, such as IRA’s and other retirement programs. Can handle large accounts. Have segregated storage facilities on site. Great customer service.

Cons – Corporate clients given priority over personal clients. This situation does not always manifest in a bad customer experience, but could affect supply of an item, or service to the client.

Agents are paid on commission, and may lead customers to numismatics and other products where they make more for sales.

Buy gold & silver safely with Golden Eagle Coins.


Is it Better to Take Delivery or Store Off Site

how to buy gold and silver online
One option to store your precious metals is in a safe deposit box in a bank vault.

An oft discussed topic when buying gold and silver is if it is better to take delivery of the precious metals and store at home or a personal private location.

Or if is it better to have your precious metals stored at a dealer provided storage facility or another secure location such as a safe deposit box in a bank’s storage vault.

My personal preference is to take delivery of my gold and silver, and store in an easily accessible secure location at or near my home or office.

Although the chances of a catastrophic occurrence are very unlikely, I am concerned that if this worst case scenario were to happen, it may be difficult to get my hands on my stock of precious metals in a timely manner, if it is stored in a distant location.

Based on this logic, I believe it is best to store half or less of one’s precious metals in a remote location, and the rest should be kept in a very secure closely proximate place, such as a safe or vault where ability to access is not difficult.


How to Buy Gold and Silver Online

There are many good reasons to learn how to buy  gold and silver online. It is a hedge against inflation. It is very liquid, can be turned into cash or used for purchases of products or services easily if needed.

Gold and silver are real money. It is a protection against a currency collapse. It is protection against a catastrophic event. Gold and silver have always been accepted, and always will be.

Gold and silver is purchased online by thousands and thousands of people everyday. It is very convenient to shop and buy online, and have our purchases delivered right to our door.

It is important to buy online from a reputable company or dealer that has an A+ BBB rating, has been in business for at least a few years, and has a large presence.

Other factors to look for include a good selection, timely delivery, and low prices.

Some of the better known, and reputable online gold and silver dealers include: Apmex, Provident Metals, Texas Precious Metals, Gainesville Coins, Monarch Precious Metals, and Regal Assets.

You can choose to take delivery of your gold and silver and store it as you see fit. If you do take delivery, it is wise to invest in a safe or a vault to provide security, and allow you to sleep well at night.

You may also choose to have your precious metals stored at a remote location provided by a dealer, or even at a safe deposit box at a bank. Or you may choose to do both.

That is, keep some of your stock of precious metals close by, and some stored at a remote location.

Buy Gold Online at dealer cost – Golden Eagle Coins

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or tips below.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading How to Buy Gold and Silver Online. Tom

Top 10 Domain Hosts

Top 10 Domain Hosts
Professionally designed website hosting is yours for a low price.

Listed here for your viewing pleasure are the top 10 domain hosts. You are setting up your domain, and your website, and you need to pick out a domain name, get it registered, and find hosting.

Scroll down for top 10 domain hosts.

The good news is, hosting is very affordable. Buying a domain name is also quite affordable, and setting up your website is also not expensive in most cases.

There are many web hosting companies. Besides hosting services most domain hosts will also provide other services, such as domain searching and purchase, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, vps hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

I will explain what the various services are, and how they can help you. I will also list the top 10 domain hosts.

Domain Names

Top 10 Domain Hosts
Your website starts with your domain name.

When you set up your website, the first thing you need to do is choose a domain name. Your domain name will be unique to you. No two people have the same domain name.

Your domain name can be anything you want. Normally it is related to you, or whatever your website will be about, as long as the domain name is available.

In choosing a domain name, you will also have to choose an extension. The most desireable extension is .com  If the domain name you have chosen with the dot com extension is not available, you will have to either choose a different domain name, or you can try to keep the same domain name with a different extension, such as .org, .net, .biz or .info, to name a few.

Once you know that your domain name and extension is available, you need to registar that domain name and extension. In order to registar a domain name, you must buy the right to use that domain name for a period of years.

You can choose to purchase the right to use your domain for a period of one year, two years, or longer. In most cases you will pay for one year at a time.

Your domain name will stay in your possession as long as you continue to purchase the use of it.  You will always have the opportunity to renew your domain name in advance of your expiration date.

Hosting Services

Once you have chosen your domain name and extension, and have registered, and purchased it, you then need to obtain web hosting. Web hosting is basically a place to park your website. It is a home for your website where you can store your email, your files, and your images.

In addition to the parking, and storage of your website, the hosting company also puts your site on the internet so that it can be viewed by others. Your website will be housed in a shared server, unless you choose to purchase a virtual server, or a dedicated server which are more expensive than a shared server.

When you are just starting out, a shared server should be more than adequate to meet your needs. These servers are located in a specially designed building called a data center.

The data center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is manned by highly trained technicians. It is built with security and resilience as a priority. It also has back up systems built in to make sure that your website is always working, and available for access.

There are 3 standard or traditional types of hosting. Shared hosting, Vitual or VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

Top 10 Domain Hosts
Shared hosting is the most common type of hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most basic or common of the hosting types or services. Initially you will likely only need shared hosting. It comes with all the necessities like WordPress hosting, file, image, and email storage, webbuilders etc.

But, as the name implies it is shared with other people’s websites, and as a result can affect it’s operation, speed, etc. due to such things as a surge in web traffic.

It is not optimum, but more than adequate in most cases for a new website. A good analogy for shared hosting is from real estate. It is like living in an apartment building.

You have access to all of the facilities you need, but you are subject to some of the issues that living in the same builiding with a lot of other people can bring, and you have little if any control over what you can do within the confines of the apartment.

Top 10 Domain Hosts
Virtual hosting offers more benefits than shared hosting.

VPS or Virtual Hosting 

VPS stands for virtual private server. This type of web hosting is a step up from  the shared hosting. It provides more freedom, flexibility, and speed for you, the website owner, yet does not offer complete freedom, and has some limitations.

You have more control. You can install whatever programs you like. It is more flexible than the shared hosting. However, you are still sharing the property.

A good analogy for VPS or Virtual Hosting is like having a townhouse or a condo. You have much more freedom, space, and flexibility than living in an apartment on the inside of your townhouse, yet you are limited to what you can do on the outside of the building.  And, you still have to share the building with a few others.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting means you have your own server that is not shared with anyone else. You have complete control, freedom, and more speed and efficiencies compared to the other types of hosting.

This is well suited for businesses, and companies that have a lot of traffic, and other activity, and need space and power in order to run an impressive, and profitable enterprise. With dedicated hosting you never have to worry about somebody doing something that could take down your website, or your app.

A good analogy for dedicated hosting is of course having your own home where you have complete control, more freedom, space, and are not subject to anyone else, as you don’t have to share with anyone. You are free to decide what to do with your property on both the inside, and the outside.

Top 10 Domain Hosts
Cloud hosting provides many benefits including low costs.

Cloud Hosting

As it’s name implies, cloud hosting is housed and maintained in a separate 3rd party location, or in the cloud.  Computer maintenance and infrastructure are eliminated, or greatly decreased with cloud hosting.

This saves money, time, and allows IT departments to focus on their foundational businesses.

Cloud hosting is optimum because it is practically unlimited. Unlike traditional hosting cloud hosting has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and unlimited ram(random access memory) which prevents it from slowing. Cloud hosting is becoming more and more popular because it is reliable, safer, more secure, and faster.

Cloud hosting also has a lower overall cost of ownership, no IT maintenance costs, productivity anywhere, easily upgraded, off site data storage, disaster assistance, and it is always up.

Top 10 Domain Hosts

All of these hosting sites have shared hosting, and more. Click on the link or banner for complete information. Here are your top 10 domain hosts.

Blue Host


Just Host


Start Logic



A2 Hosting

managed wordpress hosting



Domain names for just 88 cents!


Dream Host

Click here to go to Dream Host




Site Ground

Web Hosting


Glow Host

Hosting for 1 Cent!


Mocha Host


It is easy to get your new website up and running. You can get all of your domain names, and your hosting needs taken care of in one place.

If you want to make a living online, click here for my number one recommendation.

Feel free to leave your comments, questions, or tips below.  Also, feel free to like and share on your favorite social media. Thanks for reading Top 10 Domain Hosts. Tom