The Best Stocks to Buy Now

The Best Stocks to Buy Now

The best stocks to buy now
Investing in the stock market can be like rolling the dice

Stock market investing can be a complex, time-consuming, frustrating process. The best stocks to buy now can also be simple, quick, and exhilarating process. It can provide great financial losses, and it can provide great financial rewards.

Stock market investing can be a source of great stress, sleepless nights, and worry. It can also be provide peace of mind, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Best Ways to Pick Stocks

The best stocks to buy now
Technology can help you research, and buy and sell stock

The two primary ways of picking stocks are: fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis. The fundamentals of a given stock or company are it’s financials. What are it’s business prospects? What are the chances for the business to grow? Is the sector it’s in improving, or in decline?

Is it a leader in it’s sector and market? Or does it lag behind it’s competitors? What is the condition of the overall economy? It is a defensive stock? Or is it a high risk, high reward play?

Fundamentals look at historic stock prices, price to earnings ratios, revenues, profits, cash holdings, research and development expenses, insider/management holdings, and many other factors to determine if it is a stock worth buying.

Technical Analysis Technical Analysis is the study of charts of companies/stocks. The most commonly used charts are price charts. These charts document a stock’s price movements over different periods of time.

In conjunction with these stock prices are many other gauges of a stock’s performance such as volatility, convergence/divergence, number of stocks bought, number of stocks sold, stock averages, momentum, and many other indicators used to predict whether a given stock’s price is likely to go up or down.

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World’s Best Stock Investor

The best stocks to buy now
Warren Buffet is a multi billionaire stock investor

Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years, it is very likley that you have heard the name Warren Buffet. Known as the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet is considered one of the very best, if not the best stock investor of all time. So, what is Mr. Buffet’s stock picking philosophy?

He says that he picks stocks based on being able to understand, and know the business that the company is in. He must also like the business that the company is in. It must have good fundamentals. He says that he will only sell if the fundamentals that he used when he picked the stock have changed for the worse.

He sets out to hold the stock forever, he says. He also adds to his positions quite often, and accumulates large enough stock holdings to be on the board of directors of many of these companies that he invests in. This philosophy has served him well, as his net worth is now in the $87 billion dollar range. Yes, that’s billion with a B.

How to Play the Market

The best stocks to buy now
Being bullish means you think the stock will rise in price

There are many different ways to play or invest in the stock market. Some of these ways are stock options, mutual funds, shorting the market, penny stocks, value stocks, foreign markets, stock index plays, futures, and others. There are long term plays, and short term plays.

Long term plays are stocks that you buy and hold. Because with this play you have a long term time horizon, you don’t worry about it’s short term stock price fluctuations. Normally, unless something drastic has happened to the company’s business, the stock is not sold.

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Short term plays are investments where the investor is looking to make a short term profit. His time horizon can be from a few minutes to a few months. Often these investors are willing to take a small profit, as long as their money is not tied up for extended periods.

The Best Stocks to Buy Now

The best stocks to buy now
Some people like to use a broker instead of trading stocks online

So, what are the best stocks to buy now? Should I be a value investor, a momentum investor? Should I try buying penny stocks? Should I buy the big name stocks like Apple, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble? Does it matter which stock broker I use? Should I use an online broker, or should I deal with the old fashioned person to person approach?

There is much to consider in order to maximize your opportunities in the stock market. In my humble opinion, there is only one type of stock to invest in.

DRIP Stocks What are DRIP stocks? DRIP stands for dividend reinvestment plan, or dividend reinvestment program. These are stocks of which the company that offers them allow for a direct purchase of stock in the company, and for the dividend that they offer to be reinvested in more stock.

This is a powerful investment instrument because it ulitilizes the principle of compound interest. Albert Einstein once said about compound interest, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it, he who doesn’t pays it.”

DRIPs also allow you to reinvest part, all, or none of the dividend. It makes sense to reinvest as much of the dividend as possible, at least until you need to take some of the dividend income to live, as in retirement. The best stocks to buy now are No Fee DRIPs.

No Fee DRIPs

The best stocks to buy now
DRIP stocks are a smart long term play

The best type of DRIP stock to buy is the No Fee DRIP stock. This means that certain companies allow you to buy their stock without any brokerage or transaction fees, both for the initial purchase, and for the subsequent dividend reinvestment.

This means that you will be able to maximize your return, as you are not losing some of your investment in costly fees.

This can add up to a significant amount, especially with the powerful compound interest component. In order to speed up the process, additional, optional shares can be purchased, also for no fees.

There may be fees if you set up an automatic purchase through your bank account, and when selling shares.

DRIPs are considered more of a long term play, than a short term one. Generally speaking, the longer you can hold a DRIP the better as you will continue to automatically buy more shares of stock with the reinvestment of the dividend.

Although if enough money is invested, and reinvested, and the dividend is high enough, a considerable amount of shares can be accumulated within a relatively short time.

The only time I would ever consider selling a DRIP stock is if the company has dramatically decreased, or eliminated it’s dividend. This is not a common occurence, but it does happen from time to time. I would then find another DRIP stock to invest in with the proceeds of the sale.

List of No Fee DRIPs

Sleep or Excitement

The best stocks to buy now
Some stock investors like long term investments to be able to sleep well

Some stock investors love the excitement of investing in the stock market. I have seen many stock investors that seem to live for the excitement of the price swings in the market. One day they are up because their stocks are up in price, and the next day they are down in the dumps because their stocks are off.

There are also stock investors that are so heavily invested in the markets that their very existence, and that of their family depends on the performance of their stocks. Personally, I can’t see living this way.

It is difficult to consistently pick stocks well enough to ensure oneself a solid return. This is especially so, if someone is always buying, and selling. With the combination of high fees, and volatile stock prices, it is not an easy proposition to beat the market.

If I am always worried about whether or not my stocks perform to my needed expectations, my stress levels would be a lot higher. This could easily carry over to other areas of my life as well, such as relationships, health, and job performance.

Personally, I like to sleep at night. That’s why I like the peace of mind that DRIP stocks give me. I primarily invest only in DRIP stocks, and within DRIP stocks, I invest primarily in No Fee DRIPS.

No Fee DRIPs are the best stocks to buy now , they will be the best stocks to buy tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. Which No Fee DRIPs will you invest in?

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List of No Fee DRIPs

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Make Cash Online

Make Cash Online

Make cash online
Cash is made online in different ways

If you want to make cash online, you are like millions of others. Many people have used the internet to go from rags to riches. Some folks have acquired vast fortunes utilizing the internet to further their ambitions.

There are many ways to make money, and attempt to make money online. Some ways to make cash online require little if any work or effort, monetary investment, and very little time.

Other ways require a great deal of work and effort, money to get started, and maintain it, and a large commitment of time.  Still other ways fall somewhere in between the two.

We will look into some examples of these ways to make cash online, and why some ways may be worth taking on, and why other ways should be avoided.

It is also possible to utilize more than one of these online cash making methods. This may depend on your financial situation, your time availability, and areas that you have knowledge of or interest in.

Turn your passion into a thriving online business.

Skeptism is Healthy

Make cash online
Being skeptical of online opportunities is healthy

I have tried and been involved with many different money making opportunities over the years. The best bit of advise I can give you is to be skeptical.

If you are looking at opportunities to make cash online, be sure to do your due diligence. I can tell you that there are many folks out there that spend day and night thinking of ways to take advantage of gullible, ignorant individuals.

The internet is still like the wild, wild west in that there is limited regulation, and enforcement compared to the off line world.

This environment draws the unscrupulous shysters, scammers, and hucksters that want you to believe you can make a lot of money overnight for little if any work, and that there is a free lunch.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Realize in most cases, there is going to be some work, and at least some of your time involved. You will likely have to spend some money, although there are some exceptions to this general rule.

It is ok to take some risks, and chances, after all nothing ventured, nothing gained, but make sure you look before you leap. Assume it is illegitimate until proven otherwise.

Online Surveys

Online surveys
Online surveys are a popular way to make extra money online

Online surveys are a very popular way to make some extra money online. You likely won’t get rich filling out online surveys, but you may be able to put some decent cash in your pocket if you find the right survey company. Surveys are used by many companies to test products and ideas.

They want your opinion to determine the viability of their new products, or to improve existing products. In addition to filling out forms, survey companies may also be willing to pay you to read your email, and to watch videos.

Surveys can take as little as less than a minute, and as long as several hours. Generally speaking, the more time needed, the more it pays. You can earn anywhere from a few cents a survey to $100 or more depending on many factors, but primarily time needed to complete it.

Other surveys may pay you in points that you can use to buy products.  It is free to join most online survey sites, but there are some online survey companies that do require a fee to join.  Filling out some personal information is usually all that is needed to get started.  There may be some age requirements, but these are usually not stringent.

Some of the better known online survey websites are:
Vindale Research
Opinion Outpost
Inbox Dollars
My Survey
Survey Junkie


Start Your Own You Tube Channel

Make cash online
Many people are crushing it with their YouTube channels

If you are not the shy type, and don’t mind being on camera and sharing your knowledge, and experiences, then starting your own You Tube channel may be the go to online cash generator you seek.  Many people are cashing in big with this method.

Do you have an area that you are passionate about? Do you have expertise in a subject, occupation, hobby, or pastime? Chances are excellent that thousands of others do also.

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. It generates millions of visitors who are looking for everything under the sun, much like Google visitors, only with a living, breathing human being to describe, and show them the way.

Ideas that work well on YouTube are: How to’s, travel experiences, product reviews, gamer reviews, food/cooking/recipes, comedy, pet training, and job seeking just to name a few.

All you need to get started is a Smartphone. You don’t need a super expensive camera. Be consistent with your videos, and you could well develop a following.

Share your videos on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkein, Google Plus,and others. You can also embed your videos on your own blog or website. Email marketing can also be a helpful means of getting the word out.

You can make money with your videos by allowing YouTube to place advertising. Every time someone clicks on the ads you make money. This is called Google Adsense.

You can also monetize by directing viewers to a specific website or link that you have set up to make commissions with. This can be to a link beneath the YouTube video, or to a link on the video itself.

Turn your passion in to a thriving online business. 

Download and Install Apps

 make cash online
You can make money by downloading and installing apps

This is another idea that you won’t get rich from, unless of course you design your own apps, but downloading and installing apps is about as easy as it gets to make a few extra bucks.

You not only get paid when you download and install the app initially, but you can get paid for every month that the app is on your phone.

This may only equate to a few cups of latte a month, but at least you didn’t have to do much to get it.

MobileXpression – launch this app, and you will be eligible to win prizes each week. You can also play an instant rewards game by joining in on market research.

ShopTracker – just answer a few questions, and you will earn $3.00 on any device. This app helps companies find out what people are buying online, and you will continue to earn money every month that you keep this app on your phone.

Neilson Mobile Panel – this is same company that does the Neilson TV Ratings. You can earn up to $50 a year for installing the Mobile Neilson app, which provides information on how people use their phones.

Other interesting apps are:

Shopkick: Earn money just by walking into stores.
Paribus: Scans your email receipts for changes in price.
Trim: Finds where you are wasting money
Lucktastic: Free scratch off tickets(virtual)

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Website Testing

 Make Cash Online
Website testers can make good part time cash

If you spend a lot of time online like I do, you come across many different types of websites. Some websites are more user friendly than others.

Some are clear, concise, and easy to understand and navigate around. Other websites can be a challenge to discover how to find the information that you are looking for or interested in.

There is a website that will pay you up to $30 an hour to test other websites.  UserTesting will pay you to open up a website, navigate around, complete a set of tasks, and share and record your thoughts as you are doing it.

Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe are clients you could be testing websites for.

Other website testing websites are: Userlytics, TrymyUI, and Userfeel.

It will be difficult to make a full time income with Website Testing because the opportunities are inconsistent, but you could possibly make a good, part time or supplemental income.

Building a Website, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing

 make cash online
Blogging or content marketing is a viable way to build an online business

People could, and do make a living by each of these online money making methods individually, or some combination of all three at once. In fact, it is easy to blur the lines of descriptions of each of these types because they can all be utilized at the same time.

You could, theoretically at least, make cash online selling your website building services to others, assuming you knew how to build websites.

And, you could become a blogger, and depending on your niche, you could sell advertising on your blog site once you built up a large enough following and had consistent traffic.

And, you could become an affiliate marketer by finding online companies that provide affiliate opportunities to make commissions. You would though have to know how and where to market these opportunities in order to generate affiliate commissions.

There is one online opportunity that combines all three of these areas of expertise in one place. They provide all the education, expertise, training, tools, and support needed for you to realize the power of combining these online disciplines.

The good news is, it is easier than you might think. There is unparalleled support within the community, and it is FREE to start.  They also give you 2 free websites, and provide training to get you off the ground.  The name of this company is Wealthy Affiliate.

You only need to provide an area that you are passionate about, and a willingness to learn, and to build an online presence, and a business along with it. Wealthy Affiliate basicly holds your hand for you all along the way.

This is not an opportunity that is get rich quick. It is, however, an opportunity that you can build a business with that will last you for many years.

FREE Wealthy Affiliate Info

There are many other ways to make cash online such as stock trading, network marketing aka multi level marketing, currency trading, writing an ebook, offering your pro services on fiverr, elance, Upwork, or 99Designs, and many more.

Remember to be skeptical about any online or offline opportunity. Do your due diligence before you commit your valuable resources, and time.

Kick the tires, and get a feel for it before you go all in. Choose one or more of the numerous online opportunities, and you too can make cash online.

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How To Affiliate Marketing

How to Affiliate Marketing

How to Affiliate Marketing will assist you in your quest to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I will explain to you what affiliate marketing is about, what is entailed to become an affilate marketer, the best place online to educate yourself about it, and how to set yourself up with what you will need to begin.

I will also tell you what programs to align yourself with that will provide you with products, and services to help you make an income, and where to go in order to get your questions answered, and how to get the support and encouragement you will need along the way.

What Affiliate Marketing is About

The best way to describe how to affiliate marketing is that it is much like a salesman, or a manufacturers representative in the offline world. An online company or a company with an online presence allows people (affiliates) to market/sell their goods and/or services in exchange for a commission.

How to affiliate marketing
An affiliate marketer is an online salesman or representative

An affiliate can earn commissions by bringing someone to a company’s website, and if they perform a certain function like filling out an application, clicking on a link, or making a purchase.

The commissions will vary depending on the type of business, and what the company/website has agreed to pay it’s affiliates for a specific action.

For instance, selling a product usually pays more commission than capturing an email address for more information, or for filling out a form and agreeing to receive a phone call from a company representative, such as what is often the case for a home loan.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Almost anyone can become an affiliate marketer. All that you need to do is to find a company or product that you would like to market online, and sign up as an affiliate at that business’ website.

Often times a company will use an affiliate network to handle their affiliate program for them. Some of the more well known affiliate networks are Commission Junction, aka CJ, Share a Sale, Rakuten, and ClickBank.

You will first need to be signed up with and approved by the affiliate network, and sometimes you will also need to be approved by the company or website itself before you can begin marketing for them.

Some of these networks, and their companies want to see that you have some knowledge, and experience in the online world. Some will require that you have a website set up, and that you have at least a minimum of know how in marketing products or services online.

I have found that you don’t need a website to be approved for some networks, such as ClickBank, but it does help ensure your acceptance to many networks if you do have a website.

Once you are approved by an affiliate network, you then will have many more options to represent different types of companies, products, and opportunities.

Approval means that you will have access to affiliate links, affiliate banners, photos, videos, and pre written ads for the various companies, and their websites.

At this point you are ready to spread the word about the company that you now represent as an affiliate. There are many different ways for you to go about this.

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How to Market Your Affiliated Company

Now you have been approved by an affiate network, or directly to a company that offers an affiliate program. You have access to the affiliate links, and other advertitisng for the company to help you earn affiliate commissions. So, it’s time to get the word out, and make some commissions.

How to affiliate marketing
One way affiliates market is SEO or search engine optimization

There are various ways for you to go about this. There is email marketing. Email marketing allows you to contact others by email to tell them about what you have, and to attempt to get them to do what you need in order to earn an affiliate commission.

You can buy email lists so that you can target your audience, and you can use various other means of sending emails to your potential customers.

Autoresponders like Aweber provide tools to help you market and follow up to an email list, and take much of the work out of it for you.

Social Media is another very popular and effective way to for an affilate marketer to bring prospects to a website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Quora are some of the best known social media websites.

Facebook offers numerous advertising options for affiliate marketers, and can be a very useful way to pinpoint target prospects.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a great, free way for you to bring targeted traffic to a website, but you will need your own website in order to take advantage of this potentially extremely powerful way to boost your affilate commissions.

PPC, or Pay Per Click is advertising that can also be very effective for you as an affiliate. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer the ability to advertise with them by choosing related key words to your offer, posting short ads describing your offer, and you are then charged a pre set fee every time someone clicks on one of your ads.

Other types of online advertising available are CPA, or Cost Per Action, Google Ad Words(useable only if you have your own website), and Retargeting.

Having Your Own Website

If you are serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer, your best course of action is to have your own website. Having your own website will enable you represent many different types of affiliate products, and opportunities, and it will provide you a great chance to get ranked by the search engines.

Becoming ranked by the search engines can bring in large amounts of FREE traffic to your website, and your online products and opportunities of which you are an affiliate.  Many affiliate networks, and companies require that you have your own website before they will approve you to represent their companies.

This shows them, and the rest of the online world that you are someone that is professional, and can be trusted to carry out a successful how to affiliate marketing campaign.

Your own website affords you the opportunity to be ranked on the search engines, and is done by writing related content on your website with the use of key words.

If done correctly, with time you can be ranked on the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  Being ranked highly means traffic, and traffic can mean conversions and money in your pocket.

In order to have your own website, you will need to purchase a url or domain name such as http://howtobuyforeclosedhome….  You will also need to purchase hosting to provide an online parking place if you will, for your domain.  There are different places online that you can buy these needed website services.


You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

How to affiliate marketing
With Wealthy Affiliate, you never have to go it alone

Don’t worry. If you like the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer, but you know you need some education and guidance, there is a place that has a stellar reputation for providing EVERYTHING that an affiliate marketer wants and needs. You may have even heard of it. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand, and give you the education, tools, training, resources, and support to ensure you can become the successful affiliate marketer that you strive to be.

Starting with Wealthy Affiliate is FREE, and they also give you 2 FREE websites, along with training right off the bat, so you can kick the tires and make sure it is right for you.

All you need is to have something you are passionate about or interested in. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to turn your passion into a thriving online business.

You are never alone at Wealthy Affiliate. If you ever have a guestion, or need direction, there is an large community of like minded affiliates that are ready to help you.

There are many ways of making cash online.  How to affiliate marketing is a way to sell products and services online, and be paid a commission. Becoming an affiliate marketer is a tried and true way of generating an online income.

Almost anyone can become an affiliate marketer. Signing up with a company that has an affiliate program or with their designated affiliate network is the first step.

You then need to be approved to get started. There are many different ways to market your offer online to earn a commission. If you are serious about your affiliate endeavor, you should establish your own website.

The best way to learn about how to affiliate marketing, and have all the tools, training, and support you will need is to start as a free member with Wealthy Affiliate.

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How to Affiliate Marketing